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Laser epilation

Laser hair removal — for today it is unique an effective way of removal of hair for ever. This statement is confirmed by set of researches and scientific publications. Laser hair removal provides full removal of undesirable hair during a course which consists of 6-8 procedures.

The given method consists in heating and the further destruction by a laser beam of a hair follicle (a hair bulb), as provides delay of growth of hair. Frequently given procedure name photoepilation though it is necessary to remember, that, despite the general principle of influence, these two methods have distinctions in characteristics of a laser beam, and also in efficiency of procedure.

Besides possibility to get rid of hair for ever, laser epilation possesses other clear advantages; so, for example, after procedure of removal of hair by the laser there is no irritation, there are no grown hairs, procedure is painless (the laser possesses unique system of cooling of a skin cold water), and the skin remains smooth till 4 months.

Many women consider, that for achievement of ideally smooth skin it is necessary to visit salon which provide laser epilation once. Unfortunately, it not so. Laser light is absorbed only by «mature» hair follicles. Such follicles on a body simultaneously from 5 to 20 %. The destroyed follicles already do not grow further, however, sprout new hair. For this reason from the first laser hair removal does not give absolute effect.

Contra-indications for laser depilation:

  • Diabetes in a stage decompensation;
  • Somatic diseases of a skin;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Does not leave light, grey-haired and fluffy hair.
  • Indications for laser epilation:
  • Undesirable hair on the person and a body;
  • Growing of hair;
  • Irritation after shaving;
  • Black points on a skin after shaving.

Removal of hair by laser epilation has some advantages:

The proof effect of removal of the hair, undesirable hair do not grow any more;

The skin after laser epilation quickly comes to the primary condition — there is no irritation as after to have a shave, or reddening which causes electroepilation

After procedure of laser epilation maybe small reddening of a skin which disappears within 15-30 minutes.