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Hydrafacial Hydrofashl

Three technologies in one procedure give a triple visible result. This is really impressive. The procedure is absolutely comfortable, without a period of rehabilitation, the result is visible immediately.

Unconditional advantages of the Hydrafacial Tower system:
– effective for all skin types.
– Non-invasive procedure: deep cleansing, hydration, exfoliation, restoration and rejuvenation.
– reduces hyperpigmentation and skin dyschromia.
– fills and reduces wrinkles, smoothes nasolabial folds, increases the thickness of the dermal layer and skin density, restores firmness and elasticity.
– Absolutely safe and painless procedure.
– After the procedure, there is irritation, inflammation of the skin. There is no rehabilitation period.
– Visible result after the first procedure.
– Improves the quality, texture and tone of the skin, reduces puffiness around the eyes.
– Recommended before and after laser procedures and plastic surgeries to enhance and consolidate the results.
Features of the Hydrafacial Tower system:
– Provides the simultaneous use of hydrodermabrasion, application of chemical peels and useful multifunctional serums.
– Antioxidant serum with hyaluronic acid protects the skin and prevents the aging process.
– GlySal acid peeling is an additional possibility of using the latest peelings in ampoules.
– interchangeable attachments for face and body.
Hydrafacial Tower performs the following procedures:
1. Hydropeeling.
2. Hydrodermabrasion.
3. Diamond microdermabrasion.
4. Chemical peeling with moisturizing.
5. Skin rejuvenation and lifting.
6. Facial lymphatic drainage.
7. Anti-cellulite treatments.

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