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Bio-tatooing (picture on the body with henna) is an alternative way for those, who would like to make a permanent tattoo, but for some reasons do not feel they definitely want to make it. For millennia people express their feelings, covering their body with painting and decorating them. At first, pictures on the skin had a magic hidden meaning. They were as pointers of belonging to a particular group of people or served as a sign of special occasion. Now a new cult has appeared with the background of ancient cult.

This movement is called the Body art that recently has become more and more popular among different social groups of people. Henna is grown in a thorny shrub predominantly in Africa, Asia and Australia. Henna powder is extracted from the dried leaves of the plant. When the plants are blooming, leaves are harvested, dried in the sun and mostly grind into powder, while the flowers are used in the perfume manufacturing. Henna paste is applied not only to painting, it is credited with various medical properties. First of all, dyed skin with henna becomes protected from intensive sunlight. Henna paste makes a healing effect on burns, accelerates wound healing due to its antibacterial properties and helps with various forms of skin eczema.

Biotatooing (with Indian black henna), this is the topical, extraordinary, painless, sexy, inexpensive and what is most important is that you can decide how long you want to have a particular biotatoo on your body. Henna biotoo remains on your body from one week to a month. It depends on the pigment of the skin, the area of ​​tattooing, body temperature, exposure time, henna etc. When drawing henna body starts losing its color, and you want to wash it off, it would be enough to use your regular brush, soap and water!

What you should know before henna painting on the body: henna biotatooing is safe for your health but sometimes can cause allergies.

The motives that provoked people to tatoo their body are various enough. In some cases, the tattoo marks served as markers or tribal differences.

Beautician does not use needles when applying henna on the body. It is necessary to clean your body with skin-cleaning products before you start the procedure of henna painting on your body. Henna biotatoo is kept on the body from one to three weeks. Drawing can be applied with a brush. If you want to keep the henna picture on your body for a very long period of time, avoid watering your body for twelve hours.

What I should know to preserve color and stability biotatoo: the longer you avoid water contact especially areas of body with henna, the longer it will be kept.

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