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Chocolate wrap

Chocolate wrap is a real present for the skin because the ingredients contained in chocolate normalize oily skin easily, moisturize dry and even help rejuvenate mature skin and make it more supple and elastic and everything is because chocolate contains antioxidants, protects the cells of the body from premature aging. In addition, chocolate body wraps help to clean the skin and have anti-inflammatory effect.

Chocolate wrap is a pleasant and effective method to combat cellulite and excess fat deposits. In the cosmetology center “Janvi” you can feel the amazing effect of chocolate wrap, after which your skin becomes silk, supple, moisturized, you will receive healthy appearance with light bronze color of your skin. Procedures based on chocolate not only give a great cosmetic effect but also great positive emotions!

Scientists stated that cacao-beans help to eliminate toxins from the body, they alson reduce body fat, improve metabolic processes in your body. Generally, the scientiscts declare the following useful properties of chocolate:

  • endorphins contained in chocolate cause a surge of vitality and energy, improve mood and give a sense of joy;
  • magnesium contained in cocoa beans, strengthens immunity, improves memory, increases stress;
  • chocolate normalizes blood pressure and strengthens blood vessels;
  • chocolate is filled with PP, B1, B2, A vitamins and other vitamins;
  • chocolate contains up to 40% of coffeine, which is one of the most effective tools in the fight against excess weight and cellulite.

Such a cosmetology procedure of chocolate body wrap in the cosmetology center “Janvi” includes three main phases:

  • applying a chocolate scrub (peeling chocolate);
  • chocolate body wrap;
  • chocolate lotion application.

As a result, you get not only a beautiful body but also a lot of fun. Give yourself the incredible pleasure trying to process chocolate body wrap in cosmetology center “Janvi”.

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