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Cold paraffin-therapy

Paraffin-therapy with the appliance of cold cream-wax is a new trend in the field of cosmetology. This is a great way to softening, moisturizing and healing minor blemishes. Cold paraffin, unlike hot, is more effective at skin and the duration of its effect is greater. As you know, during thermal processing of useful substances contained in cosmetic paraffin decreases, while the cold thin layer of wax placed on the skin for a long time and essential oils, plant extracts nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and tender smooth.

The advantages of the “cold” paraffin

Cold paraffin procedure has its unique features, it is characterized by high efficiency. The impact of cold wax on the skin is extremely positive, it becomes especially noticeable in winter when the skin is dry, cracked and peeled. You can already notice the great difference after the first procedure. The skin becomes softer, more hydrated and smooth, smoothing fine wrinkles, cracks are less noticeable, and after the course of treatment disappears.

The advantage of cold paraffin over the hot one is the absence of contraindications. The only contraindication may be allergic to one of the elements that make up the cream-paraffin. Paraffin therapy using cold cream-wax is suitable for almost everyone, and the effect of the procedure lasts up to 7 days. The procedure allows cold paraffin refresh and rejuvenate the skin at a time, it improves skin elasticity, prevents the formation of undesirable cracks. The treatment time is about 20-25 minutes.

The main indication for the paraffin is dry skin of hands and feet, brittle nails. Paraffin for feet and soften rough, dry skin. This moisturizing procedure will relieve you of microcracks, improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue and swelling of the feet. Paraffin structure strengthens nails with natural supplements, they cease to break and pile. Cream wax nourishes cuticles very well, which promotes healthy nail growth and is always well groomed cuticles.

Paraffin therapy is practical and safe method that is effective in use for medicinal purposes and it is indispensable for moisturizing and softening the skin, slows the aging process to young healthy skin so that you stay happy for many years.

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