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Laser grinding of hands

Hands – a person’s business card. The skin in the wrist area is very thin, contains little sebaceous glands and is prone to aggressive environmental influences. Often, the skin on the wrist creates a dissonance with a beautiful and well-groomed person. Even the most exquisite manicure does not conceal the true age of his mistress. Already at the age of 30-35, women begin to notice the first signs of aging: dryness, deterioration of color, the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentary stains. When laser hand grinding, the beam penetrates into the cells of the skin, moisture evaporates, and they perish. To this end, use a carbon dioxide or erbium laser. A new epidermis is formed. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. The result of laser polishing can be estimated after 7-10 days.

Rejuvenation wrists fit:

  • for dry and wrinkled skin;
  • for those with strong veins on the wrists;
  • with excess skin;
  • for those who want to keep young hands, noticing the first signs of age.

Due to the removal of the upper layers of the epidermis, a young, healthy skin without wrinkles and pigmented spots is formed. Usually, after skin polishing, cathodermia (electrophoresis) of various nutrient cosmetic formulations is performed. At present, the potential of aesthetic cosmetology allows you to quickly and effectively carry out the rejuvenation of the skin of the hands.

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