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Types of massage at the “Janvi” Cosmetic Center

Massage – ancient art of restoration of an organism, treatment and preventive maintenance of various conditions. Almost all existing massage techniques can be applied to these purposes. In practice various technicians of massage are often combined and combined. The general action of massage – strengthening of fabrics, improvement of blood circulation and lymph outflow, a relaxation of muscles, normalisation of psychoemotional sphere, improvement of the general condition. Today the most popular kinds are classical massage of a back, dot and anti-cellulite massage, anti-age massage.

Massage the anti-cellulite manual

Duration of procedure of 60 minutes

The method of massage intended for reduction of displays of a cellulitis. Techniques of anti-cellulite massage exists much enough. It is strong and rigid technicians who are painful enough more often. Efficiency of influence is provided with gradual transition from superficial receptions of massage to deeper. M

assage influences mainly a layer hypodermically-fatty tissue.

It is carried out locally, in zones with expressed by displays. If by a cellulitis strikes not only traditional zones — a stomach, hips, buttocks, but also hands, a back etc. massage is lead with alternation of zones. Anti-cellulite massage is directed on the maximum strengthening of blood circulation in massed zones as the core in cellulitis treatment is microcirculation restoration. Promotes figure correction, weight reduction.

Massage the classical general

Duration of procedure of 90 minutes

Classical massage – one of the most widespread kinds of massage in our country. An effective method of treatment and preventive maintenance of various diseases. Massage application promotes liquidation of pains, hypostases, solderings, normalisation of sexual function, acceleration of processes of regeneration of the injured fabrics. It restores force of the tired muscles, raises working capacity, strengthens the sustavno-copular device. Procedures of classical massage are directed on preservation of optimum performance of bodies and systems of an organism and health strengthening. It is perfectly combined with any physiotherapeutic procedures – wrapping , apparatus techniques, complex selection depends on the purpose of procedures. Procedure quickly removing weariness, restoring working capacity and creating good mood. It is lead on all body with use of the receptions directed on “warming up” of muscles with intensive petrissage.

The general massage restores exchange processes in an organism, improves a muscular tone, does a skin elastic and elastic, gives sensation of ease.

Classical massage of a back

Duration of procedure of 40 minutes

Back massage is effective as improving, antistressful and strengthening procedure.

Massage regenerative

Is a version of sports massage, it is applied after loading, as physical and intellectual, to as much as possible fast restoration of various functions of an organism (after traumas, illness, etc.) and increases of its working capacity.

Regenerative massage includes elements of the general improving, segmentary, acupressure, physiotherapy exercises, a manual stretching of muscles and sheaves for restoration of normal mobility of joints. Selection of elements of the program is carried out by the expert in regenerative medicine individually.

Relaxing SPA massage

Relaxing SPA massage сreating a matchless mosaic of procedures on leaving, DECLEOR pays attention to everything, that is necessary for your body and soul. Each procedure of care – the present ritual of beauty which conducts you on a way to good state of health and mood. The care based on harmony. During delightful and weakening massage of a back hands of Relaxing massage are in harmony with your body. Your

sensations and feelings clear up with each minute. You are covered gradually by the delightful world AROMESSENCE – 100 % of pure, 100 % of natural concentrates on the basis of essence … the World which surrounds you during all procedure.

*results are not the same for all clients.

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