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Eyelash extension

Escalating of eyelashes — for this it is necessary knowledge and professionalism.

Escalating of eyelashes is not only to make eyelashes more long, but to give them a correct direction and the form, visually to correct thereby the form of eyes. Thanks to the eyelashes created by special technologies from biocompatible materials and to perfection of procedure of escalating of eyelashes it became possible and at us in Cosmetology centre «Janvi»

Escalating eyelashes are very convenient, with them you can sleep, go to a sauna, pool, to bathe in the sea. They relieve you of troubles with the begun to flow ink. And, of course, will turn a head to all men!

New unique technology of escalating of eyelashes.

On everyone natural cilium the artificial is pasted. Thus eyelashes look absolutely natural, and there is no effect of false eyelashes. Special care is not required to eyelashes, with them it is possible to conduct an active way of life. Long eyelashes at all do not make heavier a sight! Keep from 1 till 3 months. Are corrected as required. Long dense and fluffy eyelashes is a pride, dream and a subject of envy of any woman, a fine frame for such jewel as our eyes. Lengthening occurs as follows. Small eyelashes are put on the basis of your eyelashes from fur of a mink. All it is fixed by means of special hypoallergenic pitch Length and density of eyelashes gets out depending on that, for a party or for a daily life you will carry them. If you go on a party you can choose eyelashes more long and more densely, but for a daily life choose the increased eyelashes as it is possible more naturally, differently they will look unnatural and vulgar. Directly procedure occupies from 40 till 50 minutes. Carry such eyelashes about one month. But only, if you carry out all recommendations of the master, for example, not to sleep the person in a pillow, not to rub eyes. Escalating of eyelashes allows to refuse the hulk for eyelashes because the sight and without it turns out very expressive.

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