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Безоперационная ринопластика

Nonoperative rhinoplasty is a correction of minor nose defects by cosmetic means, that is, without surgical intervention. It provides with possibility to make a nose straight, to remove a hump or pits. However, the non-surgical correction cannot make your nose smaller or radically change this part of your face. The backbone of this method is quite simple – certain substance is being introduced under the skin in a problem zone: fillers, which are similar to implants. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The “Janvi” Cosmetology Center offers nonoperative rhinoplasty done by the best doctors of the center. The advantages of the contouring plastic in our salon are the following:

  • lack of rehabilitation period;
  • short time procedure;
  • no surgical intervention;
  • no pain after the procedure;
  • no numerous possible side effects, including bone calluses.

Before you start the procedure, you should consult your doctor, and also pay attention to the indications to rhinoplasty:

  • skin sagging and flaccidity;
  • asymmetrical shape;
  • hump on the back of the nose or flat back;
  • nose unevenness;
  • correction of nasal tip defects;
  • sharp angles of the nose bridge;
  • reconstruction after injuries;
  • correction of postoperative defects.

However, there is one drawback of such treatment, this is the reversibility of the effect. After 8-12 months, the inserted gel is absorbed and the previous form of the nose is restored. However, it can always be repeated if the results of the first procedure satisfied the patient. The only condition to be followed during the rehabilitation period is to prevent nasal injuries.

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