Lviv, Lychakivska, 39 st.
Lviv, Horodocka, 181 st.
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Shares are available at addresses

Lviv, st. Lychakivs’ka, 39/1 and st. Gorodotska, 181

1. Discounts on laser epilation

two zones – 10%

three zones – 20%


2. Give a 20% discount on carboxytherapy by the end of January!

Carboxytherapy is a popular way of eliminating many cosmetic problems with the help of saturation of the skin with carbon dioxide.
👍 improves the texture of the skin;
👍 strengthens the muscular framework;
👍 creates a lifting effect;
👍 reduces the appearance of scarring on the skin;
👍 reduces the amount of wrinkles and their severity;
👍 eliminates swelling.

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