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Mesotherapy of the body is widely used for half a century and in Europe it become popular only a few years ago, this method is used in Ukraine. Mesotherapy originated fron France, the French doctor Michel Pistor was the founder of the method. The principle of the method is meaningful effects on specified area. Under normal injection or pill drugs acting on the whole body, and only a small part of it reaches the right place. The patient is placed on a couch. For handling procedures meso-injector of the latest generation PISTOR-4 is used, this allows the injections at a rapid pace being painless at a given depth, providing a uniform deposit of entering and distribution agents. Mesotherapy of Body is widely used for the treatment of cellulite and obesity. The duration of treatment by this method is selected by a beautician individually. Mesotherapy of face is actively and successfully used for revitalization of skin. After several sessions the rejuvenated skin achieves the effect of “minus 5 years.” Intensive course consists of 3-4 procedures, 1 procedure in 8-10 days. Mesotherapy is an effective modern method that can solve many aesthetic problems.


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