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Every woman dreams and wants to preserve the beauty and youth as long as possible, every woman wants her skin to remain supple without any wrinkles and the oval of her face to retaine its clarity. Honestly speaking, there is no one who has a power to stop the time, but for sure, it is possible to reduce and delay the appearance of aging skin by using modern achievements of aesthetic medicine.

Biorevitalization stands for “biological rejuvenation”. This innovative and highly effective technique can restore tone, elasticity and color inherent in the young and healthy skin for a long time to protect it from the effects of free radicals (oxidation products which negatively influence how the dermis, and the whole body in general). With the help of biorevitalization, skin condition recovers and improves, it actually slows down the aging process. Biorevitalization is the method of intradermal injections unmodified hyaluronic acid, which has the ability to launch the process of tissue regeneration by interacting with receptors on cells. Indications of the procedure biorevitalization:

  • exhausted, dry skin;
  • dehydrated skin;
  • reducing the elasticity and skin turgor;
  • dull complexion;
  • bruising (dark circles) under the eyes;
  • enlarged pores, excessive greasiness of the skin;
  • wrinkles, nasolabial folds, “crow’s feet”, change of the face oval;
  • premature skin aging due to the effects of smoking, stress, sun;
  • restoring skin after laser resurfacing and chemical peels;
  • rehabilitation after various plastic surgery;
  • pigmentation.

Contraindications to biorevitalization:

  • inflammation of the areas subject to the procedure;
  • presence of severe chronic diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • allergic to components of the drug;
  • autoimmune disease;
  • receiving anticoagulants (drugs that thinning blood);
  • acute herpes infection;
  • cancer;
  • cardiovascular disease in the stage of decompensation (hypertension disease, coronary heart disease, myocardial);
  • diabetes;
  • mental illness.

What are the main differences between Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization? Biorevitalization is a highly effective new technique that allows to get a more pronounced effects if compared to classical mesotherapy, through the use of modern new drugs hyaluronic acid obtained by biochemical beauticians.

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