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4D Mezoniti

Mezoniti 4D is a rejuvenation procedure of removing wrinkles and age wrinkles without surgery. This is a real opportunity to lift your face without surgery and the procedure takes only 20-30 minutes. The effect is guaranteed even in patients with severe facial tissues, severe ptosis and many others.

The techniqueof 4D mezoniti is also called tredlifting or 4d-bioarm. With help of the thinnest microneedles, which has a thickness of 0.1mm, cosmetologist injected under the skin of the patient needles of polioksanon, that dissolve over some period of time and create an invisible frame under the skin. Material for joints have long been used in plastic surgery and is 100% compatible with human tissues. It resolves within 180 days, excluding the possibility of allergies.


Indications procedure:

  • gravitational ptosis of cheeks and chin;
  • Vertical and horizontal frontal folds;
  • outer edges drooping eyebrows;
  • “crows feet” under the eyes;
  • naso-lacrimal sulcus;
  • nasolabial folds;
  • folds on the chin, neck, décolleté;
  • sagging oval face.

Sessions of tredlifting in the cosmetology center “Zhanvi” is conducted only by qualified and certified professionals, doctors, beauticians, who have received special training procedures. We guarantee a perfect result and no complications.

Mesonites 4 D (1 threads) 65 euros

The procedure is performed by a dermatologist-cosmetologist-injector of the highest category, experience 14+ years, registration can be done by phone + 38067-773-50-88 or online

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