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Laser epilation

Removing unwanted hair with a laser

Laser epilation is one of the most effective, gentle and progressive ways to remove unwanted hair on the body. As confirmed by scientific researches and customer feedback, after the first session there is a slowdown in vegetation growth, and after a course of 6-8 sessions one can count on complete hair removal.

The essence of the laser technique is to heat (irradiation) the hair bulb with a laser beam, resulting in its destruction. Those who are interested in laser hair removal in Lviv, often compare it with photoepilation. It should be noted that with all the similarity of procedures, these methods have differences in the characteristics of the optical beam. What is important, laser technology provides a higher level of safety than epilation (with photoepilation higher than the risk of side effects and complications).

With regard to such techniques as shugaring or wax depilation, or the treatment with a conventional razor, they are significantly inferior to the laser and the duration of the effect, and in comfort (the skin in these cases remains smooth for no more than 2 weeks, and then again it is necessary to repeat the unpleasant procedure).

Advantages of the lazer epilation in Lviv in the cosmetic center “Janvi”

What do clients receive when ordering a laser hair removal service in Lviv in the “Janvi” cosmetic center?

• careful attitude;

• strict adherence to sanitary and hygienic standards;

• high quality service thanks to the use of modern equipment, as well as high qualification and experience of specialists.

After the hair removal procedure, the laser does not irritate the skin, does not bother the problem of ingrown hairs. Removal is painless, the skin in 25-30 minutes gets its normal condition and after the first epilation remains smooth until 4 months.

How is laser hair removal 

* results are not the same for all clients.

Indications and contraindications for laser hair removal

In which cases will laser hair removal be suitable?

  • The method is suitable for those whose hair grows very quickly, including those with diseases that are accompanied by excessive growth of undesirable vegetation (for example, with hirsutism).
  • A good solution for people with sensitive skin who are concerned about irritation after shaving.
  • Laser removal helps people who suffer from permanent hair growth.
  • This method should be tried if you are not happy with black spots on the skin after shaving (for example, if you want to wear outdoor clothing).

Is there a contraindication in the laser technique?

Laser hair removal in Lviv can not be done:

  • Oncologic diseases.
  • In the presence of dermatological problems, as well as skin injuries.
  • During acute infectious diseases.
  • During pregnancy.

Caution is advised to treat people with diabetes and varicose veins. It is undesirable to carry out epilation on those parts of the skin, where there are many birthmarks. As for age, experts recommend using laser methods after reaching 18 years of age.

Specifics and price of laser epilation in Lviv

  • Like any other technique, laser hair removal is not a panacea: the laser is powerless in front of the light and gray hair, it does not remove and fluffy vegetation. The maximum effect is achieved in light-skinned clients with black hairs.
  • For those who dream of a perfectly smooth skin for a long time, and even better forever, you need to tune in to the fact that you have to go through more than one procedure, the first time 100% effect is impossible. The fact is that the laser acts only on the follicles that are in the phase of growth. Therefore, after the removal of one of the hairs, with the time grow others – from the “sleeping” follicles, and they also need to be removed. For 1 sense, it separates from 20 to 40% of hair follicles.
  • One of the drawbacks is the price of laser hair removal. But in our center there are some of the most democratic prices, and given the fact that the result persists for a long time, the expenses justify your expectations.

To answer – how much laser hair removal is in Lviv, you need to know where the hair will be removed. The timing of the procedure also depends on this. For example, the epilation of the armpit is worth 340 hryvnias and lasts no more than 15 minutes, and the bikini area will cost 800 hryvnias and will take about 30 minutes.

How to prepare for the procedure of lazer hair removal?

All those who want to register for laser hair removal in Lviv, you need to take into account the following recommendations:

  1. Do not use the following contact methods of hair removal, such as scratching or wax removal, 2-3 weeks before the session.
  2. A week before the procedure refuse to sunbathe – this applies to sunny procedures both on the beach and in the tanning bed.
  3. On the eve of a visit to a specialist it is desirable to shave the area to be treated. This will ensure better penetration of the laser beam into the hair follicle.

Are there any side effects?

The procedure for laser hair removal is safe, it can be carried out on any parts of the body. With competent actions of a specialist (beautician) there are no problems. If the treatment is carried out by a person with insufficient training, the appearance of burns can not be ruled out, but this is rare. Occasionally there is a temporary hyperpigmentation or, conversely, illumination of skin areas in the irradiation zone (this is due to the individual characteristics of the body), but such a phenomenon usually disappears in a few weeks.
The sensation during and after the procedure depends on the threshold of human sensitivity. Most customers do not feel anything, some complain of minor discomfort or mild burning.

Contact us to learn more about laser hair removal and sign up for a session after which you will be surprised at the smoothness of your skin.



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