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Cryosauna is a modern, unusual type of sauna since the temperature in the sauna is not above but elow zoro celsium.

Cryosauna is a special vertical capsule in which the temperature falls from -140 °C to -180 °C, as supported wit a pair of liquid nitrogen mixed with oxygen. The time spent in such a capsule is no more than 2-3 minutes. Catch a cold or hypothermia during this procedure is not possible because the cold affects only the upper layers of the epidermis and it does not have enough time to affect the internal organs. On the contrary, this procedure will help to strengthen your immune system, harden it and your body will become resistant to various colds which is especially important for residents of cities. The effect of a single course of treatment is equival to 4 years of intense developing resistance to the cold. Criosauna has a wonderful rejuvenating and healthy effect on the entire body.

Essential cryotherapy for those who suffer from cellulite and overweight, a result of low temperature increases the body’s defenses, at first, vessels constrict, then they dilate, after that blood circulation improves blood, metabolism accelerates, which in turn leads to smooth skin and withdrawal of the toxins and fat from the body. The effectiveness of criosauna is raised with other physiotherapy treatments. Exactly, slimming and Anti-cellulite treatments, sports increases the effectiveness of massage treatments for several times. This allows you to enhance the effect of rejuvenation, increase its efficiency, defeat depression and the effects of stress. Another plus of cryosauna is that your energy beat over the edge for 6 hours afterwards, so the efficiency after fitness will be increased for 40%. The muscles become more elastic as even if you did a warm-up, so it will be easy to do exercises. Another interesting feature of cryosauna is that when sudden and powerful cooling is made, release of endorphins from the body is made very actively and endorphins are the hormones of happiness.

Guidelines you need to follow when visiting cryosauna:

  • visiting cryosauna should not exceed three minutes;
  • it is necessary to warm fingers and legs, ears and face (you need warm socks, gloves, cap and a special bandage on face);
  • it is not recommended to visit cryosauna during acute respiratory disease and the presence of viral infections;
  • the procedure should not be abused because it exhausts the adrenal glands that produce endorphins.

Indications for use cryosauna:

  • general rejuvenation and prevention of aging;
  • treat cellulite, excess weight;
  • prevention of influenza and colds;
  • prevention of stress and its effects (insomnia, depression, abuse of appetite);
  • stimulation of the immune and endocrine systems;
  • varicose veins;
  • hypertension;
  • neurological diseases, neuroses, migraine, sleep disorders;
  • skin diseases: dermatitis, neurodermatitis, allergic skin rashes, psoriasis, eczema;
  • diseases of the joints, spine,
  • treatment of sexual disorders in men and women.
  • cryosauna creates analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anti-edema effects.

Contraindications to the use of cryosauna:

  • severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, heart failure;
  • severe respiratory diseases;
  • severe diseases of the nervous system;
  • urinary system diseases at the acute stage;
  • malignant tumors;
  • acute decompensated states of the internal organs and systems;
  • expressed pathology of blood vessels – vasculitis, Raynaud’s disease, thromboembolic pathology of major vessels;
  • chronic, often recurrent focus of local infection (chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis, endometritis, etc.);
  • acute infectious diseases (SARS, influenza, acute bronchitis, etc.);
  • acute and chronic blood diseases;
  • claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces);
  • intolerance to cold;
  • increased body temperature.

Cryosauna can help in the fight against colds, metabolic disorders, general fatigue, weakened immune system, excess weight and cellulite, helps rehabilitation after injuries of the musculoskeletal system and operational procedures. This process completely eliminates manifestations of depression, normalizes sleep, missing pain, smoothed “orange peel”, also there are many other positive changes, both in appearance of the patient and the functioning of his or her body. Cryosauna is widely used as a mean of relaxation and recovery from major physical exertion in sport, it is an excellent mean to improve mood after a hard day!

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone must take care of their immunity. The cryosauna in the Janvi cosmetology center will help to increase it.
The head physician of the center Zhanna Prikhodko talks about the benefits and effects of cryotherapy sessions.
– A bit of “cryo” suggests that this sauna is not hot at all, but on the contrary?
– That’s right – the cryosauna booth “breathes” not heat, but cold. This healing technique is very popular in Europe. The effect is achieved through extreme cooling – cold penetrates into the upper layers of the skin, as a result of which the body rejuvenates, cellulite and wrinkles, and weight are reduced. Ten cryosauna sessions replace four years of hardening.
– First of all, is a cryosauna a medical technique?
– It’s true – initially it was used by doctors. The first was a Japanese doctor who proved that cold can heal. Cryosauna became a therapeutic tool for many medical luminaries, and then migrated to cosmetologists.
My personal experience is that after a cryosauna, which I used for the first time, a severe cold passed in a couple of days. Then we thought about purchasing it, in order to give the opportunity to experience a similar effect and Lviv.
Harder than Antarctica, but safe
– To what marks does the temperature drop in the cryosauna?
– From -80 to -180. Don’t worry – it is impossible to get hypothermia or frostbite in three minutes. The cabin is gradually filled with nitrogen vapors – you will not “dive” from the comfortable +24 on the street to -180 right away. This is a mild, enveloping cold, after which you will feel a surge of strength and vivacity.
We protect the most vulnerable places, palms and feet, with the help of special boots and gloves.
– How many procedures will be required to achieve the desired effect?
– For the treatment of a certain disease, it may take up to 30 procedures, and to increase immunity, ten is enough.

Price for cryosauna:

1 procedure (3 mun.) 399
10 procedures      3591 (351)

Always be young and healthy with the Janvi Center!

Phon for registration in Lviv:

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Criosauna in the “Janvi” сosmetic сenter 

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