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Cryomassage is an influence on a skin a cold, is more exact the liquid nitrogen cooled to-196gr.C. Cryotherapy promotes expansion of blood vessels and narrowing of capillaries. Blood circulation, so a food of the person as a result improves. There are in an organism exchange processes more intensively, and the skin rejuvenates. Face cryomassage reduces inflammatory process, levels a complexion, pulls together a time. Also it is effective face cryomassage at loss of hair. Face cryomassage — painless procedure. It can be compared to wiping of the person by an ice slice, thus a skin pulls together and pricks a little. But efficiency much above. After face cryomassage for a long time there is a sensation of comfort and freshness. Contra-indications at cryotherapy practically are not present. It apply as a prophylactic to people of all age. Duration of sessions is defined by the cosmetician, depending on a skin condition. The treatment complete course, as a rule, is calculated on ten sessions.