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Cosmetology Center «ZHANVI»

Cosmetology center “Janvi” (Lviv) has been providing aesthetic, laser cosmetology and skin diseases for 11 years already. Our salon works in the following areas:

  • Aesthetic cosmetology. The variety of procedures aimed at activating the natural regeneration of tissues, eliminating skin defects, correcting the shape of the lips, rejuvenation.
  • Facial cosmetology includes procedures that improve the condition of the skin: polish its surface, promote collagen production, eliminate wrinkles and tone. Thanks to the professional equipment to achieve visible effect and to get rid of eyelashes, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, and also to correct the contour of the face can be non-operating methods.
  • Cosmetology of the body. Massages, wraps and stone therapy of cosmetology in Lviv are aimed at correction of body contours, struggle with extra centimeters and cellulite.
  • Laser cosmetology. Therapy helps rejuvenate the skin, remove scars, and smooth the skin surface.
  • Dermatological procedures have a therapeutic effect and are carried out at the appointment of a doctor.
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One of the most popular services among our clients is laser hair removal. By removing the hair with a laser, you can for a long time forget about shaving, as well as the associated discomforts: skin irritation or hair growth. The full course is 6-8 procedures for 15-30 minutes, depending on which part of the body will be irradiated by the laser. In our center, the prices for laser hair removal are moderate – the cost of many procedures is 10-20% lower than in other beauty centers.

If there is a contraindication to laser hair removal, in the center of Janvi you can use a shagarring service – this is depilation with sugar, or, as it is called, caramel depilation.

The laser can be painless and permanently remove neoplasms: papillomas, warts, molecules. If papillomas and warts are removed in most cases to achieve aesthetic effect, then the removal of moles is the prevention of their possible rebirth in malignant tumors.

Contaminated environment and frequent use of decorative cosmetics lead to occlusion of pores on the face. Therefore it is desirable to carry out regular procedures for its purification. Cosmetology “Janvi” offers several effective methods of getting rid of comedones and rashes: mechanical, ultrasonic and combined face cleansing.

Modern cosmetological procedures can not only improve the general condition of the skin, but also remove markers of age – wrinkles, flaccidity of the skin. Specialists of cosmetology clinic in Lviv will help you to find the best procedure to help solve your individual problem. One of the most effective procedures for rejuvenation – the injection of beauty, in particular:

  • A disport that blocks impulses from the nerve endings of the muscles;
  • ozone;
  • hyaluronic acid, which fills the cavity of wrinkles;
  • complex “cocktails” of preparations for the recovery of the epithelium.

The rhythm of a modern woman’s life often does not leave enough time for a daily meykap. To look good every morning and save time for eyebrows, eyes and lips, you can make permanent make-up. Specialists of our cosmetology center in Lviv use different types of permanent meccanic technicians:

  • interwar painting;
  • arrows;
  • tattoo with shaving;
  • tattooing of eyebrows and lips.

Janvi Cosmetic Center provides quality services, as evidenced by the approvals of our clients. Today in Lviv there are two salons (opening of 2009 and 2018), which provides a full range of cosmetology services. The center employs 7 doctors, including leading cosmetologists-dermatologists Prikhodko Zhanna Alexeyevna and Prikhodko Vitaly Viktorovich, who own this family business. The staff regularly improves their skills at specialized seminars.


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