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When the skin cracked

Massage problem areas regularly, especially if you are prone to obesity or are on a diet This problem has occurred in many women. After childbirth or sudden weight loss, we notice stretch marks on the abdomen and thighs - such unaesthetic traces as if the skin in these places was cracked… Until recently, stretch marks were not treatable. If they arose, then forever. Now, thanks to aesthetic medicine, there are methods that

Так склалося, що саме влітку найчастіше задумуємося про оновлення та покращення зовнішності. І схуднути не завадило б, і целюліту позбутися. Тай загалом надати тілу більше тонусу. А ще ж обличчя нагадує, що і воно потребує допомоги, – недоречний прищик на підборідді чи надміру суха і стягнута шкіра, сіточка зморщок у кутиках очей, носо-губні складки, "блондинисті" брови, які вже набридло щодня підмальовувати, нечітка форма губ… Про те, до яких косметичних процедур можна

In windy weather, you can easily catch the infection. When it is stuffy and windy outside, many people are annoyed by such annoyance as barley on the eye. "Where did it come from, it's never been like this," we wonder. In fact, everyone has suffered from painful swelling in the eye at least once in their life. Yes, it is an infection that under certain circumstances gets into the eye area, –

Scaly herpes is one of the most difficult skin diseases. Until now, doctors cannot say for sure why it occurs. And its treatment is long and difficult – it is a chronic condition, which is periodically accompanied by exacerbations or remission. For example, liver disease, metabolic disorders, autoimmune conditions, allergies and even beriberi (especially vitamin A and E deficiency) can provoke the disease, – says Zhanna Prikhodko, a dermatologist of the highest

An earring on the eyebrow can cause stomach problems, and a diamond in the navel can cause problems with the nervous system. Piercing is in fashion. It is made even by 11-12-year-olds. Meanwhile, every fifth piercing ends in an infection or allergic reaction. Why? We think together  Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatologist-cosmetologist of the highest category, and Ostap Haiduk, a reflexologist. –  Today among teenagers – a real boom of piercings. Especially in summer,

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