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Mole, papilloma, warts removal

Mole, papilloma, warts removal – a problem of special importance. Before mole, papilloma, warts removal consultation of dermatologist is necessary. After removal if necessary it is recommended to carry out histologic research of removed fabrics. Independent «deducing» of birthmarks is categorically counter-indicative. Warts cauterise liquid nitrogen more often. Small papilloma,condyloma, age keratoma and towering over a skin surface nevi (birthmarks) — with the help electro-or radio coagulations. If formation is more 2-3 sm in diameter use laser coagulation. Flat birthmarks, delete only surgical by. After mole removal wrong aftercare can cause pigmentary stains. On a removal place papilloma after its cauterisation as well as after removal condyloma, birthmarks, warts — there is a black crust. It within 4-5 days in no event cannot be wetted. Do not try to get rid of a crust while she will not disappear. After the crust will disappear, on its place there will be a gentle, pink skin which needs to be protected from solar beams. Especially it is important in the summer when the sun is the most active. In the morning, in the afternoon and it is necessary to put on a zone from which formation has been removed, a cream with the high factor of protection against an ultraviolet in the evening. To make it follows until this site will not be compared on colour to a skin surrounding it. Influence on the injured sites of a skin of an ultraviolet can lead to occurrence of pigmentary stains. In any case the expert should appoint mole, papilloma, warts removal of birthmarks only. And the decision on everyone nevus at the patient is accepted separately.

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