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Peeling in lviv

Peeling, or exfoliation (from the English word “purge”), is a popular cosmetology procedure aimed at exfoliate the keratinous cells of the skin. A competently made peeling at the Cosmetology Center “Janvi” in Lviv launches the process of cell renewal, promotes rejuvenation of the skin, which becomes more elastic and smooth.

Types of peeling

The degree of exposure to the skin peeling can be of three types:

  • superficial – provides optimal access of oxygen to skin cells and improves blood circulation;
  • medium – allows you to get rid of cosmetic defects (scars after acne, stretch marks, pigmentation spots, irregularities after demodicosis and hyperkeratosis, etc.);
  • deep – prevents the appearance of skin pigmentation, reduces the amount of wrinkles.

All types of facial peeling in Lviv in the center “Janvi”

Specialists of the “Janvi” Center will professionally perform face peeling, the price for which in Lviv varies depending on the chosen method. We offer such kinds of peeling to our clients.

Oxygenationg Trio alternative to peeling – the effect of instant beauty. Vsevo 3 steps:

  1. Activator – improves microcirculation (fumaric acid, niacinamide, superoxide dismutase);
  2. Detoxifier – detoxification of skin cells (pumpkin seed oil, Candida Saitoana, wild cherry bark extract;
  3. Oxygenator – delivers oxygen to the pores (hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid).

Retinol (yellow) peeling is a peeling based on retinolic acid, a derivative of vitamin A. It has a pronounced skin renewal effect. Yellow peeling – a recognized expert in the treatment of problem skin and the effects of rashes! Significantly reduces the formation of sebum. It differs from other chemical peels on the mechanism of action on the skin. If ANA-acids, weakening the bonds between the surface cells of the skin, thereby facilitating their exfoliation, then retinol, being a fat-soluble substance, penetrates the lipid layer of the skin and connects with specific areas – receptors on the cells.

Eye Complex Peeling for the eyelids is a highly effective surface chemical peeling for the orbital zone pH 4 and 8% acid content and is intended for use in professional care of the area around the eyes. Peeling has a complex prophylactic and therapeutic effect: it promotes the renewal of the epidermis, gently exfoliating the top layer of dead cells; increases microcirculation in tissues; stimulates cell metabolism; contributes to the retention of moisture in the skin, thanks to which fine wrinkles are smoothed; has a drainage effect, removing swelling and swelling (bags under the eyes); contributes to a significant rejuvenation of the skin in the orbital zone, slows down the aging of the skin around the eyes.

Phenol peeling is often called the “gold standard” of all chemical peels, and this is no accident, because its effectiveness is confirmed by the large number of successful works and publications. Experience shows that the result is stored for many years. Phenol is a rather interesting substance, it has a large number of both supporters and opponents. It is toxic in itself, but it also has a number of unique properties that help to successfully fight deep wrinkles.
The composition of the solution used for phenol peeling also includes other substances: glycerin, propylene glycol, soothing oil, distilled water.
Phytic acid based peeling step 2 – it is recommended to apply for the continuation of the complex of phytin peeling procedures for oily skin prone to rashes, acne, post acne scars, age-related hyperkeratosis, hyperpigmentation. Suitable for all skin types.

Migdal peeling is a superficial exfoliation of the skin with the help of preparations based on almond (phenoxyglycolic) acid. It belongs to the type of fruit acids, but its molecule is somewhat larger than many of them, therefore it penetrates the skin more slowly, that is, it acts softer and does not irritate the tissue.
Therefore, almond peeling is an excellent way for owners of thin and sensitive skin; it is so soft that it can be applied even if you have acne and comedones on your face.

Salicylic peeling. This procedure applies to chemical peels with a broad spectrum of action, which is used both for medicinal purposes and as an additional skin care. The main component here is salicylic acid – a universally recognized antiseptic and sebororegulatory agent. Entering into contact with the epidermis, it “dissolves” dead cells, smoothes out the skin relief and destroys the bacteria that cause acne.
Indications for the procedure:

  • problem skin: oily seborrhea, acne, comedones, folliculitis;
  • dermatological diseases: seborrheic dermatitis, hyperkeratosis;
  • aesthetic deficiencies: age spots and post-acne spots;
  • signs of skin fading: loss of turgor, dull complexion, photo-aging.

Modern types of face peeling at an affordable price in Lviv

Modified and improved Jesner peelings:
1. PCA Peel Hydroguinone Free – Reduces rashes and normalizes skin tone. Key ingredients: 14% lactic acid, 14% salicylic acid, 3% kojic acid, citric acid.
2. PCA Peel with hydroquinone – reduces rashes and hyperpigmentation. Key ingredients: 2% gdroquinone, 14% lactic acid, 14% salicylic acid, 3% kojic acid, citric acid.
3. PCA Peel with hydroquinone and resorcinol – decreases the signs of skin photoaging, is indicated for cystic acne. Key ingredients: 2% hydroquinone, resorcinol, 14% lactic acid, 14% salicylic acid, 3% kojic acid, citric acid.

Redness Gentle Peel A delicate peeling for couperose prone and sensitive coding – peeling acid content (azelaic, lactic and phytic) is intended for the treatment of rosacea and other conditions associated with disruption of the capillaries. Peeling has a soft effect and gently peels off the top layer of the epidermis, and thanks to its vitamin K, which is contained in the tomato extract, in combination with routine and lactic acid, it restores the elasticity of the vessel walls. Phytic acid relieves inflammation and evens out the overall skin tone. Delicate peeling can be used for increased skin sensitivity and is intended for use in salon procedures for the treatment of rosacea, normalization of microcirculation and strengthening the walls of blood vessels and capillaries.

Peeling Rose de Mer. Natural Rose de Mer peeling helps to clear the upper and middle layers of the skin, helps to cope with the problems of pigmentation, acne and so on. The peeling includes corals of the Red Sea, useful minerals and trace elements that fill the epidermis and act as preservatives, acids of plant origin, which improve the function of subcutaneous structures.
Among the indications for the Rose de Mer peelings:

  • rejuvenation;
  • acne;
  • extended pores;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • consequences of the negative influence of UV radiation, etc.

The procedure should be discontinued in the presence of skin damage, infectious diseases, pregnancy and breastfeeding. The rehabilitation period after peeling Rose de Mer is 4-5 days.

Oxygen peel. Contactless oxygen peeling is a unique procedure, during which the effect on the skin is carried out by a high-pressure treatment solution. During exfoliation, the skin is also enriched with vitamins and trace elements, collagen and hyaluronic acid, moisturizes, becomes more elastic and tightened, wrinkles disappear. Oxygen peeling is especially effective in acne.
The main advantages of the method are painlessness and the lack of a rehabilitation period.

Chemical Peeling Skin Tech. Skin Tech peeling includes trichloroacetic acid, which penetrates well into the skin and is absolutely non-toxic. Peeling Skin Tech is used to cleanse the skin from dead cells, eliminate facial wrinkles, pigmentation and freckles, acne and other diseases.

Peeling PRX-T33. PRX-T33 is an innovative peeling that allows you to get a pronounced rejuvenating effect and does not require rehab. Peeling PRX-T33 has no age limitations, is characterized by fastness of procedure (from 15 to 40 minutes), can be performed in the summer, absolutely painless, does not require injection.
The PRX-T33 peeling indications are cosmetic problems:

  • acne;
  • scars and stretch marks;
  • pigmented spots;
  • Seborrheic dermatitis;
  • Reduced skin elasticity and so on.

Contraindications for the procedure are pregnancy and lactation, the presence of skin diseases or individual hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.
The peeling includes trichloroacetic acid, which provides a rejuvenating effect and activation of the collagen synthesis, as well as coefinic acid, which has an illuminating effect. The components that make up the peel enhance each other’s performance, increasing the effectiveness of the procedure.

Among the services that we offer, there are also facial mesotherapy, ultrasonic face cleaning and many other procedures.

Cosmetology center “Janvi” invites to face peeling in Lviv.

We will do our best to make your skin healthy and beautiful!

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