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The basic zones for RF (radiofrequency) lifting: a neck, eyelids, a chin. It is applied to rejuvenation and a face skin lifting and a body without surgical intervention, and also for struggle with cellulite and elimination of wrinkles. Face skin lifting and neck RF (radiofrequency) lifting.

The immediate effect of a tightening of a skin is visible after the first procedure and remains from 2 days about one week. The delayed effect is shown in 3-4 weeks and accrues in process of course passage.

The effect is expressed in smoothing of wrinkles and reduction of the area of a skin on 10-20%, thus a skin condition, unlike a surgical tightening, does not worsen, and, on the contrary, after RF (radiofrequency) lifting procedures improvement of a tone and turgor skin is observed.

Device RF influences a skin, using a controllable deep warming up of fabrics. Protects epidermis from thermal influence, thanks to carrying over of heat and energy to deep layers of derma and in hypodermic cellulose. There is “compression” or shortening of fibres of collagen, as a result of deeply controllable warming up derma. That leads to visible results – to effect of a tightening of a face skin lifting and other zones. After a course of procedures there is a powerful stimulation of formation of new collagen in derma and its deep layers. Restoration of natural antiage processes, the present and full rejuvenation of a skin.

Duration of procedure on the person – 20-25 minutes. The course consists of 6-8 sessions. Processing of one zone on a body – 15-50 minutes, depending on the area. The course consists of 6-8 sessions.

Effect: Obvious to the client and the cosmetician rejuvenating and lifting effects, visual reduction of wrinkles already after the first procedure Strengthening of effect of a rejuvenation during a course of procedures and the next 6 months after a course Long rejuvenating effect, owing to stimulation of active development of own collagen in derma. Reduction of processes of ageing of a skin. Procedure is completely compatible to other techniques.

Contraindications to the radiolifting procedure in Lviv:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • the integrity of the skin in the area of the procedure is violated;
  • severe exhaustion of the body;
  • blood diseases;
  • heart failure;
  • fever.

∗ The results are not the same for all patients

RF lifting Price, uah
Radio frequency RF face lift 660
Radio frequency RF face lift 5 procedured 3135 “627”
Radio frequency RF face lift 10 procedures 5940 “594”
RF frequency neck lift + chin 600
Radio frequency RF-lifting neckline 600
Radio frequency RF lifting abdomen + sides 800
RF hands-free RF lifting 600
RF Thigh Lift 600

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