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Laser removal of condylomata

Condylomata are neoplasms of viral origin, which arise from human infection with HPV (a human papillomavirus). According to the Ministry of Health, at least 70% of the planet’s population is affected by papillomavirus. When infected, the disease may not express itself for a long time, but only if the immune system is unstable, or a serious infectious disease or stress occurred. At the same time, for today, there is no treatment for HPV, the only way to get rid of condylomas is laser removal.

Types of condylomata and ways of infection

Condylomata have several types and are applied to the mucous membranes of the genital organs, the anus, the area of ​​the armpits and the oral cavity. Infection occurs, as a rule, during unprotected sex (vaginal, anal or oral) with a carrier of papillomavirus.

There are two major types of neoplasms:

  • flat – affect the internal cervix uteri and mucous urethra in men;
  • pointed papules – form papillary condilomata, with placement on the vulva, clitoris, vagina, urethra, penis head, as well as in the perineum and anus.

In connection with the occurrence of condilomata, they are also called genital warts. In essence, they are benign tumors, which, unfortunately, can turn into cancerous diseases.

When should I contact a doctor?

To register for a consultation to a doctor is necessary at the first signs of condilomata, as they can grow and affect the clean areas of tissues. Laser removal is required when the formation:

  • increases in size;
  • edges become fuzzy;
  • has asymmetrical and fuzzy form;
  • changes the color;
  • was injured.

Only the doctor will be able to advise the treatment and correctly carry out the process of removal of condilomata.
Contraindications to removal.

Despite the fact that laser removal refers to non-invasive techniques, this treatment has some contraindications:

  • rash as a result of herpes;
  • high blood pressure;
  • infectious disease during exacerbation;
  • rashes on the skin of different etiologies.

The presence of possible contraindications should be reported to the physician during the initial examination.

Laser removal technique

Removal of condilomata is to be performed in a clinic, using a high-tech laser. The ray during the operation removes neoplasms and leads to the death of the virus on the area. Due to bactericidal properties, it does not provoke inflammation of the wound and surrounding tissue.

Blood loss during laser removal is minimal, since the ray coagulates capillaries. The time for complete recovery of the affected area is 10-14 days.

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