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When the skin cracked

When the skin cracked

Massage problem areas regularly, especially if you are prone to obesity or are on a diet

This problem has occurred in many women. After childbirth or sudden weight loss, we notice stretch marks on the abdomen and thighs – such unaesthetic traces as if the skin in these places was cracked…
Until recently, stretch marks were not treatable. If they arose, then forever. Now, thanks to aesthetic medicine, there are methods that help get rid of them. Which? We are interested in Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatologist-cosmetologist of the highest category.

–   Why do stretch marks occur at all?

–   These are areas of atrophied tissue that occur due to sudden changes in weight. This can happen after pregnancy and childbirth, after breastfeeding (stretch marks appear not only on the abdomen, buttocks or thighs, but also on the chest, when after stopping breastfeeding, breasts that were filled with milk return to their former size), sudden weight loss . That’s why it is recommended to lose weight slowly, with mandatory exercise.

Our skin consists of the epidermis (outer layer), dermis (middle layer) and deep layer. Stretch marks do not appear on the outside, but in the middle layer, which helps the skin to maintain its shape. When the dermis is stretched for some time, the skin becomes less elastic and there are small tears. When the volume returns to normal, the skin shrinks, but those areas where there is no fat layer and blood vessels remain.

– Stretch marks come in different colors – white, red, brown… What does it depend on?

The color indicates the “freshness” of stretch marks. When just emerged, they are pink, reddish-brown or dark brown, even purple. The “older” the stretch, the paler and lighter it is. Yes, over time, these marks become milky white, and then – a few tones lighter than the skin. Stretch marks do not endanger health, do not affect the functioning of the body. The only problem is aesthetic.

“Apply a moisturizer daily on the skin,
as well as nutritious – with vitamins C, A, E “.

–  It is believed that it is impossible to get rid of stretch marks…

–  It used to be so. However, now there are methods of aesthetic medicine that can solve the problem. So, when stretch marks are still fresh, mesotherapy will be helpful, which will restore metabolic processes in these areas. Medium peeling, micro-grinding of skin, laser grinding will help.

–  Are there any creams helpful here?

–  There are special creams against stretch marks, but they are only an additional tool. In addition, creams are active only in the early stages, when stretch marks are bright. In general, it is easier to prevent stretch marks than to treat them later. In particular, regularly massage problem areas, especially if you are prone to obesity or go on a diet. It is best with a massage brush, so you will improve the microcirculation inside the skin. During pregnancy, if your doctor allows, visit the pool, exercise. Apply moisturizer on the skin daily, as well as nourishing – with vitamins C, A, E. But if you already have stretch marks, the use of such creams will not be superfluous. At least the gaps will become less noticeable.

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