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Laser renoval of pigment spots

Pigmentation is an accumulation of melanin pigment in the skin, which contributes to the appearance of symmetrical brown spots on the face. Removal of pigment spots with a laser is a proven tool. Its effectiveness is based on the fact that the laser itself acts not on the external manifestation of pigmentation, but on the cause of its appearance in the deep layers. The dosed beam is directed to a strictly selected depth and does not affect healthy, adjacent tissue.



For one course of removal of pigmentation, you can lighten the spots so that they become almost imperceptible, but to improve the result it is better to repeat the procedure several times. During treatment, the patient does not feel pain, and there are no discomfort.

Prices for laser pigment stain removal in the Jeanne Center in Lviv

The table below shows the prices for pigment removal at the Janvi Cosmetology Center in Lviv.

Name of procedures Cost
Laser pigmentation removal
Minimal removal/1cm.sq 400/200
Hands 1200
Back 1800

* Always check the cost of procedures with our administrator!


Preparation for laser pigment removal in the center of “Janvi” in Lviv

Before laser removal of spots you need:

  • For two weeks, forget about the beach, do not sunbathe and do not visit the solarium.
  • Use sunscreen with at least 50 SPF.
  • Pre shave hair in the zone of influence.
  • Do not use the pool, sauna or bath for 3 days before the procedure.

Examples of “before” and “after”

* results are not the same for all clients

After treatment, rehabilitation of the treated skin area, special dressings, gels and ointments are used, with healing effects. The patient should avoid exposure of direct sunlight to those areas of the skin that were prone to the formation of age spots for a certain period of time.


Always be young and healthy with the Janvi Center!

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