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Mezoniti (thread lift)

Aesthetic medicine achieved tangible results in the struggle with the changes that occur in people with age. For several decades the methods of soft tissue of patients with special threads that capture the skin in certain positions began to be applied in cosmetology, what is important is that they are completely invisible. Doctors from Eastern Asia were the founders of this method. In the world of the technology it is well known as tred-lifting or mezoniti.

echnology mezoniti is absolutely safe and highly effective cosmetic face treatment. The word “meso” means that the thread is fixed on a thin needle and the word “NITI” – it stands for the material. What are the benefits of mezoniti?

  1. The procedure is not traumatic for the skin, no need to make cuts, there are only small points in the skin to inlet needle. There are no scars after this procedure.
  2. There is no rehabilitation period.
  3. Mezoniti (tred-lifting) is performed without anesthesia, consequently it excludeds swelling, bruising and various kinds of allergic reactions.
  4. The reaction of tissues in the thread is virtually absent and there is no impact on microcirculation in the tissue. Fabric becomes more pulled together and will bear framed function for several years.
  5. The procedure takes about 30-40 minutes.
  6. Material threads compatible with the tissues of the skin.


What are the indications for mezoniti (tredlifting) to be used?

  1. The deformation of the facial skin (eyebrows lowering edges, folds in the nose and the lips, wrinkles in the forehead, folds in the ears).
  2. Changes in the skin of the body (the folds in the chest, chin, neck and laxity in cuneal, stomach, etc.).
  3. Eliminating inequality skin after liposuction.

How is the procedure mezoniti performed?

Small needles are used to be inserted into the part of skin under the treatment. “Flexible” effect of the skin is achieved due to the use of the elastic threads which can be adjusted by means of inserting additional threads. In the process of tredlifting, clear contours of the face are created. After the procedure slight redness can be traced, which will disappear on its own in one or two weeks. The effect persists for several years.




Mesonites 4 D (1 threads) 65 euros
Mesonites MONO  (1 threads) 10 euros
ANCHOR mesonites (1 threads) 70 euros

The procedure is performed by a dermatologist-cosmetologist-injector of the highest category, experience 14+ years, registration can be done by phone + 38067-773-50-88 or online

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