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Peeling PRX-T33

Since the face is one of the most exposed parts of the body, its skin always needs special care.

Every day we are affected by a large number of environmental factors – sun, humidity, temperature changes, dust, electromagnetic fields, toxic substances and others. And plus age, genetic predispositions, immune status. Of course, all this affects our face. And to help him overcome the effects of adverse effects and restore the beauty and health of the skin, modern cosmetology is developing drugs and procedures of complex action.

Among such means are chemical peels, especially effective among which is the chemical peel PRX-T33. It differs from classic peels in that it has a deeper effect on the middle areas of the dermis, but at the same time minimally irritates the upper areas of the skin. The composition of the active drug PRX-T33 includes hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) – 1.5%, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) – 33%, kojic acid – 5%.

In our cosmetic center “Janvi” in Lviv we carry out chemical peeling PRX-T33 for women and men from 15 years old, taking into account the indications and following all the necessary safety rules. Our cosmetologists have a medical education, have received appropriate training and advanced training.

Advantages of using chemical peeling PRX-T33

  • helps to overcome a very wide range of aesthetic defects of the skin, including postacne, scars, pigment spots, fine wrinkles, etc.;
  • the effect is noticeable after the 1st procedure;
  • atraumatic, almost no discomfort and no rehabilitation period;
  • can be done in any season, even in the warm season;
  • time for the procedure – 15-20 minutes.

This is a professional cleansing of the skin with a drug that stimulates the inner layers of the skin, promotes regeneration and restoration of its elasticity. At the same time there is no peeling, no crusts are formed, there is no risk of scarring, hyperpigmentation. Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, regulates sebum production, cleanses skin pores from clogging and comedones.

Name procedures Price UAH
The chemical peel PRX-T33 1500

Indications and contraindications to chemical peeling PRX-T33

Among the indications for this type of peeling are the main:

  • stretch marks, scars formed as a result of mechanical damage, after suffering from chickenpox, etc.
  • postacne and changes after acne;
  • small facial wrinkles, the first age changes;
  • dull dirty skin color;
  • seborrheic dermatitis and hyperkeratosis;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • prevention and correction of photoaging;
  • restoration of skin tone and elasticity.

Contraindications to chemical peeling PRX-T33:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • individual intolerance to the components included in the drug;
  • well-visible wounds and skin damage, exacerbation of acne;
  • infectious diseases in the period of exacerbation (SARS, etc.).

How is the PRX-T33 peeling procedure?

Before the procedure, an allergy test is performed – a small amount of solution is applied to the elbow or wrist and the skin reaction is observed. If no allergies are detected, the procedure is performed as follows:

1) Cleaning. Make-up and other contaminants are washed off the surface of the skin, the skin is wiped dry with cotton pads.

2) Application of the drug. First of all process a forehead, a nose and a chin, and further – all other sites. Depending on the problem to be solved, several layers of the drug can be applied. At the same time on a skin easy tingling can be felt.

3) Rinse the drug with water and apply a soothing cream. The cream moisturizes the skin, eliminates redness, which allows the patient to return to a normal lifestyle immediately after leaving the beautician.

For a long-term effect, the required number of procedures is determined by the doctor and will depend on the individual case of the patient. On average, 4 to 6 procedures may be required with an interval of 10 days between procedures.

Chemical peeling PRX-T33 is indicated for use in combination with other cosmetic procedures to enhance their effect.

Facial skin care after peeling

Much has been said above about the safety and high efficiency of the PRX-T33 peeling procedure. However, keep in mind that after peeling, the skin becomes more sensitive and tender. Therefore, in the first week after the procedure, it is recommended to refrain from going to the bath, sauna or solarium, to limit the time spent in direct sunlight. Also, before going outside, you should use sunscreen in summer and moisturizer in winter.

Maintain beauty and health together with “Janvi”!

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