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Vacuum roller massage (Body Slim)

Vacuum Roller Massage (Body Slim) is an effective kind of massage that solves the problem of body shape correction. The principle of work and the method of such a procedure are hardware stimulation of the skin and tissues, which helps in the treatment of cellulite, reduce the volume of fat deposits, modeling the body silhouette, reducing and strengthening the flabby and stretched skin. During massaging, there is a volumetric mechanical kneading of the skin-fat fold, which is supported by vacuum aspiration of small size.

Benefits of the Body Slim procedure in the Jeanie Cosmetic Center:

-visible effect immediately after the first procedure

-stable after the third to fourth procedure

-the possibility of combining different techniques of influence

-treatment of cellulite of any stage

Vacuum forms a skin fold, and moves it in the direction of motion of the roller. As a result, lymphatic and venous vessels are expanding, as well as lymphatic drainage from tissues improves. The fluid output from the intercellular spaces is accelerated, lipolysis processes are activated. The mechanical effect on the muscles increases their tone. Vacuum roller massage, directly affects the fat cells, causes the activation of fat splitting.

The namy of the massage Price, UAH.
Body Slim (one zone) 550
Body Slim (one zone) 5 procedures 2610 “522”
Body Slim (one zone) 10 procedures 4950 “495”

Always be young and healthy with the Janvi Center!

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