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Laser buffing of skin

It is possible to return the elasticity and youthfulness of your skin without any surgical treatments and you can do it with laser buffing of skin. The surface of your skin becomes straiter; your skin becomes smooth and looks good. Our specialists will do the laser buffing of your skin with the moderate price.

The procedure is performed with microparticles of the same size, the treated skin areas become rejuvenated. Modern methods of laser cleaning of face achieve maximum results due to minimal traumatic actions during the procedure. Grinding result can already be seen in a week, the face skin is rejuvenated, without wrinkles, the face skin tone becomes improved, pigmentation on face disappears.

The benefits of laser resurfacing in Lviv in the cosmetology center “Janvi”:

  • rejuvenation after the first session;
  • eliminating defects;
  • the lifting of face, neck, chest and arms;
  • smoothing of scars;
  • recovery of circuit;
  • elimination of wrinkles;
  • elimination of age spots amd melasma;
  • elimination of stretch marks;
  • getting rid of the effects of acne.

The duration of treatment and the number of treatments individually depends on the size and problem areas that require laser resurfacing. It also depends on age and skin condition so that normally from 1 to 5 treatments are required.

The period of rehabilitation after the procedure lasts for 7-14 days, and requires special care and reatment:

  1. The skin is tanned, covered with a crust, which peels off during the first week.
  2. After the procedure, there might be a swelling and redness of the skin, persist for 2-3 days.
  3. Familiar makeup can be applied the next day after treatment.
  4. Avoid direct sunlight and protect the skin sunscreen first days after the procedure.
  5. The effect of grinding kept from 1-3 years.

How is laser polishing skin 

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*results are not the same for all clients.

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