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The hair loss treatment

The problem of hair loss is experienced by people of all ages and genders. In recent years, case of such problem among young people increased significantly. This is mainly because of the adverse environmental conditions and saturation of food with harmful chemical additives. This disease can also be caused by various diseases, hormonal imbalances, head trauma or injuries of the scalp, stress or taking certain medications. In the majourity of cases hair again begin to rise while eliminating the causes of loss.

If you have problems with increased hair loss, hypersensitivity, itching of the scalp, you should contact a specialist trichologist who is professionally engaged with the treatment and identification of the state and diagnostics of scalp. In cosmetology center “Zhanvi”, doctors dermatologists help you solve such problems. The approach of the decotor trichlogist is, above all, characterized with the accurate diagnosis and the clear identification of the source of problems.

For the most accurate and detailed understanding of the situation, we recommend to make a spectral analysis of your head on 25 or 40 trace elements which is so-called minerallohramma. The physician should determin the causes that are not serious for hair loss. The specialist would need to assign the necessary treatment of the disease, which led to the hair loss. The specialist would need to prescribe the drugs that stimulate hair growth. If a permanent problem occurs, your doctor may advise Plasma therapy or mesotherapy based on peptide complexes.

Plasma therapy of a scalp is one of the effective ways to rejuvenate and improve skin head. This method helps to solve the problem of occurrence of seborrhea (dandruff), hair thickening and hair loss. The use of blood plasma of the patient eliminates allergies and other adverse effects.

The process is directly connected with the injection of plasma under the scalp obtained from the patient’s blood. The average duration of the course is around 6-10 injections with an interval of 1 week. This is due to the reason that the procedure can be painful and has some contraindications, it is imperative to consult a doctor first before the treatment.

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