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Nowadays most people are dissatisfied with their bodies to some particular extent. If you are not even obesed, but you have some body areas with excessive fat, so you should be familiar with this feeling of discomfort. At the present stage, there are only two ways to get rid of excess fat, it is the destruction and mechanical removal of problematic fatty tissues. But mechanical removal procedure (liposuction) has its contraindications and side effects.

We are pleased to offer new effective and safe treatment for cellulite, it iscavitation in Lviv. Cavitation is an effective method in cosmetics, through which the low-frequency ultrasonic waves impact on problematic fat areas, causing them effect of microbubbles formation. During this procedure these bubbles increase in size, soften an area that stores fat, and destroy the membrane of adipocytes which is fat cells custodian, and in this way reriposits of fat would become impossible. Our Lviv experts will work on options selection that are aimed specifically for radiation exposure in fat cells. In the process of adoption, you will not feel pain since specialist will work on the problematic area with the specifically designed manipulation device. The procedure of ultrasonic cavitation lasts for 60 minutes. The cavitation course covers approximately 3-4 procedures with minimum breaks of 10 days. Additional cavitation procedures are provided every 6 month, in case they are needed.

What if the effect after cavitation?

The result after the first procedures says that the number of fat deposits in the problematic area will decrease by 2-5 centimeters. The effect will increase with each new session. An additional effect of cavitation treatment is improved bloodcirculation, stimulation of fibroplasts that helps improve skin elasticity, preventing sagging and laxity. Cavitation course in Lviv resembles liposuction operation. Due to the fact that fat cells no longer proliferate, the fatty area disappears forever as the most safe method. Cavitation (ultrasonic liposuction) is one of the few ways to influence the fat layer. In fact it can be compared with surgical liposuction. Finally, after a long pause passed, beauticians found an effective way to fight overweight and cellulite.

The patient loses both size and weight after the procedure. But fat mass has a low density, so the patient will notice loss of size first. However, we recommend to lead a healthy lifestyle to every patient.

The benefits of cavitation method?

  • quick aesthetic effect;
  • lack of injuries and rehabilitation period;
  • efficiency, the result is kept for years;
  • no adverse visual effects (dips skin tuberosity, bruising pain).

The contraindications of cavitation process:

  • pregnancy;
  • osteoporosis;
  • be aware of diabetes;
  • oncological disease.


Cavitation in the cosmetology center “Janvi” 

* results are not the same for all clients.


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