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Nowadays most people are dissatisfied with their bodies to some particular extent. If you are not even obesed, but you have some body areas with excessive fat, so you should be familiar with this feeling of discomfort. At the present stage, there are only two ways to get rid of excess fat, it is the destruction and mechanical removal of problematic fatty tissues. But mechanical removal procedure (liposuction) has its contraindications and side effects.

We are pleased to offer new effective and safe treatment for cellulite, it iscavitation in Lviv. Cavitation is an effective method in cosmetics, through which the low-frequency ultrasonic waves impact on problematic fat areas, causing them effect of microbubbles formation. During this procedure these bubbles increase in size, soften an area that stores fat, and destroy the membrane of adipocytes which is fat cells custodian, and in this way reriposits of fat would become impossible.




Prices for cavitation for cellulite in Lviv
The table below shows the prices for cavitation in the cosmetic center “Janvi”, located in Lviv.

Name of procedures Cost, UAH
Cavitation (one zone)                                     550
Cavitation (one zone) 5 procedures                                 2610      (522 – one procedure)
Cavitation (one zone) 10 procedures                                 4950      (495 – one procedure )

* Always check the cost of procedures with our administrator!


Our Lviv experts will work on options selection that are aimed specifically for radiation exposure in fat cells. In the process of adoption, you will not feel pain since specialist will work on the problematic area with the specifically designed manipulation device. The procedure of ultrasonic cavitation lasts for 60 minutes. The cavitation course covers approximately 3-4 procedures with minimum breaks of 10 days. Additional cavitation procedures are provided every 6 month, in case they are needed.

Contraindications to the procedure:

  • pregnancy;
  • osteoporosis;
  • the presence of diabetes;
  • cancer.

Effect after undergoing a course of cellulite treatment in Lviv at the Jeanne Center

After the first cellulite treatment procedures in Lviv, the amount of fat deposits in the problem area will decrease by 2-5 centimeters. With each subsequent session, the effect will only intensify. Additional bonuses from cavitation procedures are the improvement of blood circulation, stimulation of fibroblasts, which helps to improve the elasticity of the skin, preventing its sagging and sagging.

Cavitation (ultrasound liposuction) is one of the few ways to affect the fat layer, which can actually be compared to surgical liposuction. The course of cavitation resembles surgical liposuction, and since fat cells stop multiplying, the fat area disappears once and for all in the safest way.

The patient loses both volume and weight after the procedures. But the fat mass has a low density, so the patient will notice the loss of volume in the first place.

Cavitation at the Janvi Cosmetology Center

* results are not the same for all clients.

What will cavitation in Lviv in the cosmetic center “Zhanvi” give:

  • aesthetic effect;
  • no injuries and rehabilitation period;
  • efficiency, the result is stored for years;
  • no skin failures, bumps, bruises and pain.

Why should you apply for the procedure at the Janvi Cosmetology Center?

  1. the procedure is performed by cosmetologists-dermatologists with medical education;
  2. sterilization of equipment and quartz rooms after each patient;
  3. flexible recording schedule and the ability to pay by card.

Always be young and healthy with the Janvi Center!

Phones for registration in Lviv:

  • branch on the street. Lychakivska, 39 – +38 (091) 481-97-45
  • branch on the street. Horodotskii, 181 – +38 (091) 481-98-34

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