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Stone therapy, healing with stones

Stone therapy is a treatment with the applicability of hot stones. This treatment comes from Tibet and is widespread in our country. Stone therapy used for the treatment of diseases and for the prevention of disease, because it is safe and highly effective. The effectiveness of treatment is determined by the professionalism of a doctor, his ability to find problematic areas of the person’s body and assign complex health measures.

With the help of this procedure the level of heat in the body increases, the cold is removed and at same time metabolic processes in the body significantly accelerates, immunal system increases as well as resistance to disease becomes higher. The process of heating the human body is not aimed at some specific points,the whole area of the body is heated. Stones are heated to a certain temperature ad penetrate heat deep enough that allows you to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. Specifically aimed stones from balzat are applied when heating the stones. The peculiarity of this kind of stone is that it heats up very quickly and has an optimal rate of heat emission to the body. In Ukraine, these oval stones come from countries such as Peru, Argentina, Indonesia, Hawaii. The stone is polished by wind and water accumulates natural energy itself.

The method of hot stone treatment in Lviv produces very positive effect on kidney, waist, spine, diseases associated with chronic fatigue and nervous exhaustion.

Stone treatment is widely known in such countries as China, Mongolia, Tibet already for millennia. In the army of Chynghis Khan this method was applied to refresh the solgiers quickly and effectively. Treatment of stones eliminates muscle spasms, helps accelerate wound healing, improves flexibility of the body and relieves stress.

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