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Professional teeth whitening in Lviv

There are many methods of whitening teeth, but one of the most advanced – bleaching (lighting) with cold light. As in some other cases, the basis of this method is the use of a special gel with an increased content of hydrogen peroxide. Thanks to the influence of light, the effect of the gel becomes more effective. This tool is not only one of the most effective, but also painless.

Why do so many patients trust teeth whitening exactly to us?

All procedures that allow you to make your teeth a lot whiter, are carried out by skilled professionals with a lot of experience and special training. Our cosmetology center uses advanced techniques and the latest equipment with LED lamps that give so-called «cold light». Why is this important? Cold light reduces the sensitivity of the teeth, so during the procedure and after it there are no pain. Equally important, it is safer for a tooth enamel due to a more gentle action.

We take care of your safety and comfort, therefore we take all necessary measures to protect the oral cavity when bleaching with cold light:

  • Use protective goggles.
  • We treat the patient’s lips with a moisturizer.
  • We use a special device that does not allow you to close your mouth (this prevents you from straining excess muscles and eliminates unwanted accidental closure of the jaws).
  • We apply special napkins (they cover the oral cavity during the bleaching session).
  • Use a high-quality gum for gum.

The essence of the method is as follows: the gel is applied to the teeth, after which light rays are directed to them. As a result, there is a chemical reaction: the working reagent interacts with pigments on the teeth and promotes their whitening. This is a desk procedure that should be performed in the following order:

Stage 1. The doctor evaluates the condition of the tooth enamel and, together with the patient, determines the current tint of the teeth.

Stage 2. Preparation of the patient. To protect from optical rays wear special glasses. A napkin is applied which isolates the face from accidental gel penetration (the open area remains the mouth). On the lip is applied a cream that protects against drying out. A special device is used – the retractor (rotor spreader), which prevents overstrain of the muscles of the patient’s mouth. To eliminate gel penetration and minimize the effect of light rays, a special substance is applied to the gum – a special resin with protective properties (liquid coferdam) is used in the «Janvi» clinic.

Stage 3. Lighting starts. The teeth are well dried, after which a bleaching gel is applied to the surface (the concentration of the active substance should be 35% or more). After that, the teeth for 10-15 minutes are irradiated with a special lamp. In our center for this purpose is used a photo refinishing system of the system Magic Smile. Its feature is the unique LightBridge lamp system, which combines halogen and light-emitting diodes. This combination allows for precise point impact and high intensity of the procedure. One session of professional whitening of teeth includes from one to three cycles (that is, teeth are covered with gel and irradiated from 1 to 3 times, it depends on the initial state / tint of teeth). Due to the influence of the active composition and light rays, simultaneously with the illumination, the oral cavity is removed from the harmful microflora

Stage 4. At the end of bleaching, the doctor cleans the oral cavity from the residues of the reagent and removes the protective equipment. On the teeth is applied a drug with restorative properties.

We give each client the opportunity to objectively evaluate the result of bleaching. To do this, we use the Vita scale, which can determine how many tones the teeth become lighter. Usually, in one session, it is possible to light the enamel on 3-10 tones, the final result depends on the initial state of the teeth and the causes of darkening of the dentin.

Usually in one session you can lighten the enamel by 3-10 tones, the end result depends on the initial condition of the teeth and the cause of darkening of the dentin.


The Magic Smile system for your teeth

Our center uses one of the best bleaching systems – Magic Smile (USA). It is not only modern equipment, but also one of the safest and most high-quality cosmetic gels. It contains 44% carbamide peroxide and helps to illuminate the teeth without affecting their sensitivity and strength. The advantage of the gel – high efficiency, even with a short-term effect. According to research and customer feedback, Magic Smile prevents the development of fluorosis and age-related darkening of the teeth.


  • Toothpaste is recommended not earlier than 18 years of age.
  • Bleaching will have to be delayed during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • The method may not be suitable for patients who are allergic. You need to make sure that the preparations that are used for bulb bleaching are suitable for you.
  • This method is not suitable for people with severe injuries and high sensitivity of the enamel. The same applies to patients who have a pathological eruption of the surface of the teeth.
  • Bleaching is not carried out in the presence of cancer diseases.
  • Another contraindication is the presence of any dental problems. At first – the treatment and only then we go for a snow-white smile.

Those who have already used this service can confirm – this technique has a lot of advantages.

  • Already after one session a great result is achieved, but in some cases it may take 2-3 procedures.
  • A significant advantage of cold bulb bleaching is the absence of severe pain typical of traditional «warm» lighting. However, in the cold method, some people may experience slight temporary discomfort.
  • Some patients stop a fairly high price of teeth whitening in Lviv, but the «Janvi» clinic makes one of the most beneficial offers. And given the result and the long-lasting effect (if the specialist’s recommendations are followed up to two years), it can be argued that such costs are fully justified.                                                        Products containing dyes are strictly prohibited for 3 days.
    Immediately after the completion of the procedure, teeth are especially susceptible to stains and acids. Any contact with dyes can stain the teeth and negate the whitening effect. It is advisable not to smoke or to minimize the amount of smoking. Avoid foods that are too hot and cold.
    WHITE DIET – refusal of dishes, products containing a large amount of dyes
    Coffee, tea and drinks based on them
    Juices, wines, fruit drinks, lemonades
    Chocolate, other foods and drinks containing cocoa
    Vegetables, fruits, berries, can cause coloration – beets, cherries, blueberries and similar
    Ketchup, adjika and other colored sauces, spices
    Foods high in acids – citrus fruits, soda, smoothies
    After 3 days, the regimen becomes softer. It is allowed to consume products containing dyes in limited quantities. You can drink coffee, but through a straw.
    We recommend that you adhere to these dietary rules for two weeks. This will allow you to fix the achieved result and completely exclude the possibility of staining the teeth.
    If during this period you still eat or drink something that can stain the enamel, you need to brush your teeth as soon as possible.


Teeth whitening 2000 UAH

Examples of “before” and “after”

* results are not the same for all clients.

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