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Ultrasonic therapy

Ultrasonic therapy is convenient and do not cause in patients any painful or unpleasant sensations. Unique properties of ultrasonic waves consist that under their influence links between cages with the broken metabolism are broken and at the expense of it there is a clarification of a skin from the horny layer of dead cages. Invisible waves help cosmetic means to get deeply into a skin and intensively to influence it. At carrying out of the ultrasonic therapy occurs not only clarification, but also skin humidifying, enrichment by its oxygen. Also micromassage not only fabrics, but also separate cages is carried out. Ultrasonic therapy procedures spend to three stages: Ultrasonic therapy peeling — pores are cleaned, the top layer of epidermis removes, the tone raises, blood circulation improves. Ultrasonic phoresis — promotes deep penetration of medical substances into a skin that strengthens action of solutions and whey. Ultravibromassage — tightens a skin, tones up muscles, stimulates the nervous terminations. Indications Growing old skin, post acne, seborrheic skin, body correction (a cellulitis of 3-4 stages), hems. Contra-indications Gold threads, ischemic illness, hypertension, good-quality diseases of the person, illness of blood, propensity to bleedings, sharp infectious process, feverish conditions, sharp inflammatory processes, pregnancy, tuberculosis, tumours malignant, a stenocardia, vibrating arrhythmia.

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