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Painting eyebrow paint, henna

The natural beauty and elegance of the rice of the face depend on the shape and color of the eyebrows. But even the extremely good eyebrows require regular care and correction. It is possible to achieve an ideal if you apply modern techniques and techniques of modeling. Correcting and dyeing eyebrows in Lviv at the “Janvi” Cosmetic Center will help you to achieve the desired result very quickly and at a moderate price.

Stages of correction and dyeing of eyebrows

  1. Modeling the shape of the eyebrows and creating an image. The master communicates with the client, learns about his requirements and the desired effect of the correction. Offers an eyebrow shape that is optimal for the customer’s facial features, agrees on the future color.
  2. Disinfection and cleaning of eyebrows, removing excess hair, giving the right shape. The procedure is carried out using special techniques that minimize painful and unpleasant sensations.
  3. Painting of eyebrows in Lviv is carried out with the help of a hen or a special gel paint of the color that is most suitable for the client. This paint is fairly stable, beautifully painted and capable of holding without washing up to 3 months. For a more attractive appearance, after painting and protecting the hair, use the lamination procedure.
  4. Teaching yourself eyebrow care for the next correction.

The entire procedure takes from 30 to 40 minutes, and the look of the face becomes perfect. Repeated correction of eyebrows will take only 2-3 weeks.

Prices for eyebrow painting in Lviv

Procedure Price *
Correction of the shape of the eyebrows 70 UAH
Painting of the hair with paint 130 UAH
Painting of henna eyebrows 150 UAH

* Cost always check with our administrators!

Rules for eyebrow care after correction

There are a few basic rules that should be followed during home eyebrow care after correction.

  • When removing makeup, eyebrows should be cleaned. To do this, use the usual makeup remover. Enough to apply a few drops on a cotton swab and rub the eyebrows from the pores to the temples. So the skin cleanses not only from makeup, but also from sweat and dust.
  • Daily combing of eyebrows stimulates blood flow and improves hair growth. Enough to devote it to five minutes in the morning and in the evening to have a perfect look.
  • Masks and massage will be useful. When combing, a special cosmetic or castor oil is applied to the brush that nourishes and strengthens the hair. The procedure is enough to perform once a week.

Examples of our “before” and “after” works 

*The results are not the same for all customers

How to choose an eyebrow shape depending on the type of face

It is easy to choose the perfect form of eyebrows if you know a few secrets and skillfully use them. First of all, we must take into account the type of person. There are several basic rules:

  • urved eyebrows are more suitable for the oval face;
  • rectangular – eyebrows with a slight smooth bend;
  • square – straight eyebrows that gradually narrow;
  • a round face will decorate eyebrows, raised upwards and somewhat rounded at the ends;
  • for the long and narrow face the optimal straight and away from the eyebrows.

But choose the shape of the eyebrows best depending on their natural state. A skilled master in each individual case works individually. There are no exact templates, you need to take into account every little detail. The search for the best beauty salon will surely lead to the “Janvi” center. There is also an eyebrow dyeing service in Lviv, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you. Long-lasting effect, perfect and attractive appearance is worth the call to professionals.

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