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Contour and volume plastic

Do you want to find out what nasolabial folds are? Look at your reflection in the mirror. From the tops of the wings of the nose to the sides of the chin area down two lines. It is believed that the men clear nasolabial folds are formed before the age of thirty. If we speak about women, this age limit is slightly shifted. With age, these wrinkles deepen, making the face expression less attractive and they are visually increasing age of the person. Contour preparations based on hyaluronic acid can effectively solve the problem of deep nasolabial folds and wrinkles of the skin in this area.

All the medications and methods of their introduction are certified, which guarantees every patient safe procedures and the maximum efficiency of these procedures. In these preparations, the hyaluronic acid is of non-animal origin which ensures good compatibility with biological tissues of the patient, eliminates the development of graft rejection and allergy. After the procedure of contouring the nasolabial fold disappears for up to a year. The procedure looks as injecting drug into the problem area, filling voids in the nasolabial triangle that consequently results in smooth folds. No traces remain at the injection site because of the needdles with very thin and fine diameter.

In each case, the drug selected for the correction of nasolabial fold is individually dependant on the patient’s age, degree of severity of wrinkles, original condition, skin type and overall health. Outpatient procedure to correct course takes about thirty minutes, virtually painless and absolutely safe for your health. Immediately after the injection, you may experience slight swelling of tissues in the nasolabial fold that quickly disappears. By the end of the first week after the procedure, you can see a terrific result – your face looks young and attractive. Just remember to keep the doctor’s recommendations for the resulting effect lasting for as long as possible.

In case of surgical correction, the patient has implants administered under the skin. Another common method of correction is contour cheekbones. Patient injection, beautician introduced in secondary special gel skin tissue very thin needles. Such a procedure is performed on the request of the patient and it can be performed without general anesthesia. The result is noticeable after a few days, the skin is filled from within, wrinkles are smoothed as even if after a massage, a person looks much younger. This procedure volume and contour plastics can be done at any age. High cheekbones projection is an obvious sign of youth. It is proved that the average age of a third face (cheeks, cheekbones region) is noticeably flat, it begins to appear at nasolabial fold. Because of sculptural modeling methodology, the area of cheekbones can make the face more “pour” and so young! Therefore, the procedure of bulk plastics field cheekbones hyaluronic acid is selected by well-known Hollywood actress, approaching the age of 35-40 years.

Contour and volume plastic
Cheekbones 270-300-350 euros
Filling nasolabial folds 200-260 euros
Contour plastic (under the eyes) 170 euros
Long Lasting 200 euros
TWAC (Polynucleotides) 80-180-200 euros
Euwiderm, Sedgiderm, Restiline, Theosial, Princess 200-260 euros
Other companies (Sweden, Korea) 150 euros
Mesoeye C71 (USA) 160 $
Mesosculp C71 (USA) 160 $
Mesonites 4 D (1 threads) 65 euros
Mesonites MONO  (1 threads) 10 euros
ANCHOR mesonites (1 threads) 70 euros
Non-injection rhinoplasty 260 euros
Microglossal redermalisation (region, neck, décolletage, hands) 2500 uah
Increased lip volume 150-200-260 euros
Technigue of execution by connulas 20 euros

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