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The photorejuvenation is the advanced and convenient technology in cosmetology on correction of age changes of a skin. Really a worthy novelty in an arsenal of the modern woman.

Photorejuvenation procedure allows to avoid actual ageing of a skin the Photorejuvenation a unique technique on fast and effective improvement of a condition of a skin. Its uniqueness that it is possible to involve and activate deep and superficial layers of derma simultaneously, not breaking thus integrity of skin surface and to achieve strongly pronounced and proof results.

As practice after 3-4 procedures at women shows decrease deep wrinkles on a forehead, small wrinkles round eyes and on all face (are smoothed) nasolabial folds. Age pigmentary stains, freckles, stains from sunburn become practically imperceptible and merge with the general tone of a skin. A time, traces and hems from acne and spots is narrowed, pulled together.

The photorejuvenation stimulates collagen development, therefore after procedure the tone and elasticity of a skin considerably raise.

Advantages and results of the course of photorejuvenation procedures:

  • the general freshness;
  • an equal complexion;
  • the narrowed pores;
  • the levelled wrinkles;
  • an elastic skin;
  • absence of couperosis;
  • considerable improvement of a condition of a fat skin with acne, spots and herpes.
Prices for photorejuvenation procedures in Lviv
Application area Price, UAH
Neck + neckline 1000
Face 1000
Face + neck + neckline 1500

Features of photorejuvenation procedure in Lviv

Photorejuvenation procedure occupies a maximum half an hour, does not demand any period of rehabilitation (it is possible to use at once decorative cosmetics), is lead by a course of 2-5 procedures with periodicity of 4-6 weeks, and the result remains throughout 2-3 years. Then, if it is necessary, it is possible to follow a small supporting policy.

One more advantage of phototherapy. Age restrictions for it are absent. To resort to this method it is possible in 18-19 years that will get rid, for example, from freckles. In 25-27 years the photorejuvenation will allow to support necessary level of collagen, to reduce a time, to remove small vessels. To a growing old skin will help to return freshness and a youth.

The ray of light influences the expanded vessels, they are fallen down, and the skin gets natural colour. At removal of pigmentary stains by a target for a beam melanin is. It absorbs light, its structure varies, and the pigmentary stain at first darkens, and then disappears.

At photorejuvenation procedure, and also at removal of hems, treatment of acne vulgaris and rehabilitation of a skin after laser grinding the light beam warms up certain layers of a skin therefore synthesis of collagenic fibres becomes more active, it becomes more elastic, equal, tightened, pores are narrowed.

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