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Vів MASK is a professional vibration mask-apparatus for skin mesoporation.

The latest innovative technology allows to achieve impressive cosmetic results in anti-age therapy and treatment of angioneurosis and erythroderma of any kind, the procedure is extremely pleasant and safe for clients.

The mask has four modes of exposure to the skin:
1. Deep stimulation (deep stimulation) – a mode of mesoporation, causing vibration of cells of the epidermis and dermis, which increases the potential difference on the cell membrane and enhances the penetration of active substances.
2. Stimulation of sensitive skin (sensitive stimulation) – treats erythroderma of any kind (dermatitis, teliangiectosis, rosacea). Eliminates capillary angioneurosis. Small impulse vibration relaxes the spasm of the capillary, dilutes the blood thickened at the walls, thus stimulating a good outflow of blood.

3. Mode of a rapidly changing impulse (quick stimulation) – causes a uniform contraction of the capillaries, thus strengthening their walls.
4. Slow change stimulation mode – improves lymphatic drainage.

The principle of the mask is based on physical processes.

The mask is based on nanoscale energy. What it is: a quantum is a piece of indivisible energy that cannot disappear, but can only go into another form, in our case, into the electric field of our skin and displace it, We can do this, since our skin has electrical conductivity, and this says that we have charged particles in the skin at rest, therefore, we have a field and an electric potential.

The electrical conductivity of cells is due to the presence of ions and mobile polar molecules. Biological tissue consists of cells and intercellular space filled with a substance – electrolyte (intercellular fluid). The inner contents of the cell are separated from the intercellular space by a membrane. Therefore, it depends on the frequency of the passing current and the form of its oscillations, the higher the oscillation, the greater the permeability. Cell membranes create great resistance to low-frequency currents (high-frequency currents will cause burns, they are not used in cosmetology), so their main part passes through intercellular targets. The amplitude of low-frequency currents is proportional to the volume of the intercellular space (for example, the lumen of blood vessels) and the concentration of electrolytes in it, i.e. the larger the gap, the more liquid is able to pass through, and hence useful microelements.

Nano quanta mean the effect on the skin of a very small electrical component, in simple words, the skin is bombarded with particles of constant size at certain intervals, due to which we change the electrical component of the skin – electroporation occurs, which gives us good osmosis on the skin surface, enhances the permeability of the dermis and gives a good cosmetic effect.

How electroporation occurs: currents of a certain strength and frequency in the epidermis open ion channels and aqua channels (average diameter 0.5 mm), which are located next to each other. Proteins-carriers of such channels combine with molecules of a certain substance and transfer them to the inner layers of the skin. After the cessation of exposure to the electric field, the ion channels are closed, and the necessary substance remains inside the skin.

This procedure is especially important for those people whose skin tissues lack hyaluronic acid.

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