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Modern medicine and cosmetology have a large supply of modern methods and programs that can slow down aging processes. Wrinkles, dermatological problems and lethargy of skin can be eliminated today due to the innovative method of mesotherapy. This is the method of treatment when rejuvenating drugs in microdoses are injected under the skin with a needle.

For those who do not dare to do such procedures, there is a more economical and not less effective method – mesoporation. The mesoporous cosmetology drug is introduced into the deep layers of the skin using a device; the procedure is not made by a needle, but by electromagnetic pulses. Advantages of using this method:

  • skin integument is not damaged;
  • the patient is free from pain and discomfort;
  • no bruises, edema;
  • infection is excluded;
  • there is no risk of inflammatory complications.

Indications for mesoporation:

  • removal of wrinkles, mimic and age;
  • prevention of natural loss of elasticity and skin aging;
  • removing blobs on the face;
  • facial healing;
  • removal of bruising and edema around the eyes;
  • humidification and nutrition of the skin.


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