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Non-surgical blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is a special plastic of the eyelids and areas around the eyes to improve the condition of the skin and eliminate the aesthetic problems (wrinkles, scars, vibrations, etc.). Neoplastic blepharoplasty in Lviv in the Cosmetology Center “Jeanie” is carried out with the help of special equipment, the principle of which is based on the use of cold plasma and high frequency currents.

How nonoperative blepharoplasty is performed in Lvіv:

  1. Recommended course – 2-3 procedures every two months.
  2. The settings of the settings depend on the density of the skin (the thinner the skin, the better the result).
  3. Safe exposure zone is a moving eye.
  4. The gap between the points is approximately 2.5 mm.
  5. Exposure time is minimal!
  6. Rehabilitation period – 5 days (do not soak!).

During the rehabilitation period IMPORTANT:

– photo report every morning;

– 4 days do not touch or rub the area of influence;

– It is forbidden to take a bath, sauna, attend a solarium and a gym.

Home Care:

  1. cream with SPF;
  2. retinol 0 / 3-0 / 6%;
  3. vitamin c

Elimination of fluidity, consolidation, lifting (plasma dermabrasion) – zones of influence:

– face;

– neck;

– neckline;

– stomach.

Important: the lower we work, the longer the period of rehab (stomach – at least 2 weeks).

Preparation – home care (for all protocols):

  1. At least two weeks before the start of the procedure and after use in home care products that block the synthesis of tirazinari, which is a catalyst for the synthesis of melanic, in order to avoid the appearance of post-traumatic pigmentation (only professional cosmetics!).
  2. Cream containing – Clinical Results:
    – thickening of the skin;
    – lifting;
    – align tone;
    – smoothing of fine wrinkles.