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Lip augmentation

The dim contour, especially at owners of thin lips, often makes appearance of the person inexpressive and badly remembered. In a daily life of the woman with such problem test many difficulties at drawing of a make-up and do not presume to paint a lip with bright colours as lipstick or shine quickly enough leave abroad lips. It gives to the person very slovenly kind. But recently there was a possibility to correct this aesthetic defect by means of contour plastic when all for one session the doctor enters hyaluronic acid into a problem zone.

Liposuction with hyaluronic acid in Lviv: procedure, indications and contraindications

The special gel developed for this manipulation, is absolutely safe, as hyaluronic acid contains in an organism and consequently allergies never causes. In due course hyaluronic acid naturally resolves, then, at desire of the patient, the injection can be repeated. After this procedure the contour of lips becomes well outlined, and the volume of lips does not increase. In coordination with the patient the doctor can and is cardinal change the form and volume of lips. Then injections become not only on a contour of lips, but also in the mucous. Procedure of updating of a contour of lips is spent by means of several microinjections to lips and occupies only 15 minutes. After correction of a contour of lips in the field of carrying out of cosmetology manipulations there can be a hypostasis which within 3 days falls down. The lips increased in volume because of a hypostasis seem too big, but in some days they become twice less and are looked naturally. The truth the more hyaluronic acid is entered into lips, the more hypostasis. On the average within one and a half years the contour of lips remains accurate and beautiful. Then procedure can be repeated. It is admissible.

It is possible to tell, that cosmetic increase in lips – the procedure allowing to the woman quickly, it is practically painless and safe to find desirable volume of lips, to give them more perfect form. The increase in lips can be isolated only for top or only for a lower lip or complex when correction of both lips is carried out. Contour plastic of lips – introduction procedure in a skin of lips injection preparations of special action. We offer the patients well proved in the world practice, the certificated and safe preparations on a basis hyaluronic acids. These preparations contain hyaluronic acid not an animal origin, and it means that after injections you do not receive complications in the form of reaction of tearing away, an allergy.

The preparation will be precisely in that place where the injection is spent, will not be displaced, will not deform the form of lips. Among features of use contour plasticplastics for increase in lips should be noticed, that after an injection hyaluronic acid draws and keeps near to itself additional quantity of moisture that does a skin of lips especially attractive, gives juicy volume. Gradually acid resolves, that allows to repeat through a certain time interval injections safely for your health. Not animal origin hyaluronic acid gives a guarantee, that the preparation will not cause tearing away reaction, an allergy in the patient, will allow lips to keep the maximum naturalness. Procedure of increase in lips occupies about twenty – thirty minutes. If the procedure purpose is correction of the form of lips filler are entered on their contour.

The result of procedure increase in lips with the help of a filler on a basis hyaluronic acid remains for the term from half a year about eight months (depending on the entered preparation). The preparation choice hyaluronic acid with which help the increase in lips is spent, is carried out by the doctor proceeding from specific features of the patient.

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