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Mechanical — manual face peel

If you do not like the condition of your skin, bother with black spots and acne, tired of the greasy shine, from which the most durable makeup floats — everything is clear: it is time to have a professional facial cleanser. Mechanical cleaning of the face in Lviv at the cosmetology center «Janvi» will eliminate most problems with appearance.

Indications for the procedure of mechanical cleaning of the face

Cosmetology is a field of medicine that studies the effect of cosmetics and treatments on the skin. One effective treatment for cleaning the skin — mechanical cleaning. What are the indications for using this cosmetic method?

  1. A dull skin color that occurs as a result of the layers of the stratified upper layer..
  2. Excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, which leads to blockage and then to inflammation of the pores, the formation of acne.
  3. Comedones or black aunts.

Only mechanical face cleaning will be effective for cleaning, in Lviv you have the opportunity to undergo this procedure by qualified specialists of the cosmetology center «Janvi».

Advantages of mechanical face cleaning

There are several types of face cleaning:

  • Ultrasound. The upper dead skin layer is removed under very mild the upper dead skin layer is removed under very mild ultrasound
  • Vacuum. A special device sucks contamination from pores.
  • Laser peeling. Removal of the stained layer by laser.
  • Chemical peeling. Removal of the upper layer of skin with drugs that dissolve dead cells.
  • Mechanical cleaning. The beautician steams the skin to expand the pores. Then removes the contamination one or two-sided spoon to remove acne.

Yet, mechanical cleaning of the face is the most effective procedure. Its advantages::

  1. Deeper cleaning of pores than other methods;
  2. less aggressive effect on the skin then laser peeling;
  3. The result is clear skin without black spots.

Mechanical cleaning of the face at the cosmetology center «Janvi»

Mechanical cleaning of the face is carried out in several stages..

  1. Gel purification (for normal and oily skin) or cosmetic milk (for dry skin) and with a tonic.
  2. Scraping by means of finished or manufactured goods.
  3. Steaming using the «Vaporizer» apparatus.
  4. Purification – removal of contamination with pore spoon. The skin is periodically disinfected with hydrogen peroxide during the procedure.
  5. Application of antibacterial agents.
  6. Soothing skin. Apply moisturizing and soothing agents to the face.
  7. Darsonvalisation. Impact on the skin of the face by low voltage AC pulses to improve circulation.

Recommendations for the next two days:

  • You can wash at least 12 hours;
  • Do not stay in the sun for long, use a cream with a high level of UV protection;
  • Do not rip off any crust that may form as a result of the removal of large acne, wait until they disappear on their own.

In case of couperose (enlarged capillaries), mechanical cleaning is not recommended. It will be replaced by ultrasonic or combined cleaning in «Janvi».

How often do you need to do mechanical face cleaning?

If there are a lot of black spots and acne, they are removed in a few procedures with an interval of 10 days. To maintain skin health, it is enough to visit a cosmetologist once, sometimes twice a month. You will achieve great results and have clear matte skin and a healthy complexion, provided with systematic skin care.

Mechanical cleaning of the face in Lviv at the cosmetology center «Janvi» will give you a great look. Qualified cosmetologists work here, use high-tech equipment and certified cosmetics.

Price for different types of cleaning at the cosmetology center «Janvi»

Kind of cleaning Price, UAH
Mechanical face cleaning (1st category) 600
Mechanical face cleaning (2nd category) 730
Mechanical cleaning of the T-zone 450
Combined face cleaning (1st category) 800
Combined face cleaning (2nd category) 900
Ultrasound face complex cleaning 550

Face cleaning is available for you in the cosmetology center «Janvi»,  the price of which allows you to undergo this procedure as often as necessary for your skin type.


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