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Mechanical — manual face peel

Manual face peel – the most widespread procedure also is considered enough effective. The mechanical face peel is lead manually almost without devices, except a vaporizer and darsonval. At first a skin steam out or prepare by means of special gel. Then the cosmetician the fingers wrapped in a sterile napkin or by means of special spoon, cleans a time. After a manual face peel it is processed with darsonval, and the pulling together and soothing mask is then imposed. Procedure is a little painful, but such cleaning is the most careful. Better for all other cleanings deprives a skin from black points and heat-spots, and also acne. After mechanical face peel can remain reddening throughout several hours is depends on sensitivity and a skin condition. Next day after manual face pee: well humidified, «breathes», gentle, elastic, looks healthy and light.