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Mechanical (manual) face peel

If you don’t like the condition of your skin, you are worried about black spots and acne, you are tired of the greasy shine from which the most lasting make-up “floats” – everything is clear: it’s time for you to do a professional facial cleansing. Mechanical facial cleansing in Lviv at the Janvi Cosmetology Center will eliminate most problems with appearance.

Mechanical facial cleansing is a procedure of deep cleansing of the skin from various rashes, inflammatory or non-inflammatory. Facial cleansing is done with the help of special cosmetic tools. This is one of the oldest methods of skin cleansing, which is apparatus-free. This process affects the increase of skin immunity, and cleansing enhances skin regeneration. Mechanical facial cleansing in Lviv allows you to clean and safely clean the skin, make it clean and radiant.

At the Jeanvie Dermatology Center, specialists clean not only the face, but also the back and décolleté.

You should consult a facial cleansing procedure if you have: oily skin type, dull complexion, problem pores, acne, comedones, oily plugs and other skin problems that are detected in advance at a dermatologist.

Mechanical facial cleansing at the “Janvi” Cosmetology Center in Lviv

Mechanical facial cleansing in Lviv at the Janvi Cosmetology Center takes place in several stages.

  • Cleansing with gel (for normal and oily skin) or cosmetic milk (for dry) and tonic.
  • Scrubbing with ready-made or made in the salon means.
  • Steaming using the device “Vaporizer”.
  • Self-cleaning – removal of dirt with a spoon uno. During the procedure, the skin is periodically disinfected with
  • hydrogen peroxide.
  • Application of antibacterial agents.
  • Soothing the skin. Moisturizers and soothing agents are applied to the face.
  • Darsonvalization. Effect on facial skin with low voltage AC pulses to improve blood circulation.

Recommendations for the next two days:

  • you can wash no earlier than 12 hours;
  • do not stay long in the sun, use a cream with a high level of protection from ultraviolet light;
  • do not peel off the crusts that can form as a result of removing large pimples, wait until they fall off on their own.

In the case of couperosis (dilated capillaries), mechanical cleaning is not recommended. In Jeanne, it will be replaced by ultrasound or combined.


How often should you perform mechanical facial cleansing?

  1. If there are a lot of black spots and pimples, they are removed in several procedures with an interval of 10 days.
  2. To maintain healthy skin, it is enough to visit a beautician once, sometimes twice a month. With regular skin care, you will achieve excellent results and have clean matte skin and a healthy complexion.
  3. Mechanical facial cleansing in Lviv at the Janvi Cosmetology Center will give you a wonderful look. Qualified cosmetologists work here, high-tech equipment and certified cosmetics are used.
  4. Prices for facial cleansing in the beauty salon “Janvi” (Lviv) are very democratic, and the effect of the conduct is visible immediately: inflammation, sebaceous glands, comedones disappear, pores are narrowed, the general condition of the skin improves.

Prices for various types of cleaning in the cosmetic center “Janvi”

Kind of cleaning Price, UAH
Mechanical face cleaning (1st category) 600
Mechanical face cleaning (2nd category) 730
Mechanical cleaning of the T-zone 450-550
Combined face cleaning (1st category) 800
Combined face cleaning (2nd category) 900
Ultrasound face complex cleaning 550

* Always check the cost of procedures with our administrator!

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