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Scars treatment with laser

Removing the scars with a laser is the new trend in cosmetics that combines several separate procedures such as: fractional photothermolysis, grinding, coagulation of blood vessels.

Laser removal of scars and scarring can make the skin become smooth and attractive without violating its natural processes.

Modern lasertherapy offers several ways of correcting scars that differ by the type of laser used and the general principle of the effect. This treatment due to the partial removal of scar tissue, stimulates the regenerative capacity of the skin and its light.


The advantages of laser treatment:

  • high precision impact – both in depth and the area surrounding skin as it is not affected and injured during the procedure;
  • the procedure allows to work with scars of any size, shape and its location;
  • simultaneous decontamination zone of influence, which eliminates the secondary inflammation.

Cosmetologist will improve the quality of the scar, making it thin and even. Depending on how pronounced defect is, the laser for he treatment would be chosed individually.

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