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Laser resurfacing of the upper and lower eyelids (a non-surgical bleferoplasticism)

Laser resurfacing of the upper and lower eyelids are modern and most efficient procedure of rejuvenation. The essence of this method is burning up the top layer of the epidermis with a laser. Indications for anti-aging procedure is sagging and wrinkling of skin around the eyes. During resurfacing the laser goes through and creates the microscopic holes in the skin, causing the effect when the old skin is removed, including scar tissue as well as dead skin layers. At the present stage, the laser resurfacing is the most effective way of correcting defects and rejuvenation of the face, which can show significant results with maximum comfort possible for the patient.

There are certain medical contraindications for the use of the procedure and these are the folowing:

  • the presence of scleroderm;
  • violated pigmentation;
  • the appearance of the skin tumors;
  • diabetes;
  • infections;
  • worsening of chronic diseases;

Laser rays affect only the affected area without affecting healthy tissues and also it helps to treat acne. The procedure has an ability to activate the processes of cellular metabolism and collagen synthesis which also results in scar becominh tightened and replaced with a healthey tissues.

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