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Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning Ultrasonic cleaning – influence on a face skin high-frequency with sound fluctuations which make active a metabolism and stimulate blood circulation. The cellular metabolism thus amplifies, the lymphatic system (system with which help all fulfilled harmful substances deduce from an organism) starts to work actively. The microvibration which is carried out by ultrasound, carries out micro-massage function. In the cosmetology center “Janvi” ultrasonic cleansing face is made by the best doctors in Lviv.

Ultrasonic cleaning allows to clear deeply a skin of pollution, keratinized cages, skin fat, sweat, acne comedonica, not damaging thus the top layer of a skin and not leaving reddening and swellings. The metabolism, formation kolagen and elastin thus becomes more active, regeneration (restoration) of fabrics amplifies. Often ultrasonic cleaning lead together with phonophoresis – association of application of ultrasound and cosmetic means. Influence by ultrasound resolves medical substances with large molecular structure to get into deeper of skin layers. This method of ultrasonic cleaning is applied to a growing old skin and for treatment of skin diseases more often.

Indications for ultrasonic cleaning of a skin is:

  • The fat and mixed type of a skin.
  • Acne.
  • Raised sweating.
  • A dim complexion.
  • Enlarged pores.

How is an ultrasonic face cleaning 

*results are not the same for all clients.