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Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning – influence on a face skin high-frequency with sound fluctuations which make active a metabolism and stimulate blood circulation. The cellular metabolism thus amplifies, the lymphatic system (system with which help all fulfilled harmful substances deduce from an organism) starts to work actively. The microvibration which is carried out by ultrasound, carries out micro-massage function. In the cosmetology center “Janvi” ultrasonic cleansing face is made by the best doctors in Lviv.

Professional ultrasound facial cleansing in Lviv makes it possible to achieve visible results and is significantly different from other types of cleaning, namely:

  • it is completely safe and painless;
  • it does not violate the integrity of the skin;
  • it can be carried out after 14 years old;
  • it does not create a need for rehabilitation period;
  • it does not require the use of recovery measures;
  • there is no side effects;
  • it can be used for cleaning of problem-prone skin.

Ultrasonic cleaning allows to clear deeply a skin of pollution, keratinized cages, skin fat, sweat, acne comedonica, not damaging thus the top layer of a skin and not leaving reddening and swellings. The metabolism, formation kolagen and elastin thus becomes more active, regeneration (restoration) of fabrics amplifies. Often ultrasonic cleaning lead together with phonophoresis – association of application of ultrasound and cosmetic means. Influence by ultrasound resolves medical substances with large molecular structure to get into deeper of skin layers. This method of ultrasonic cleaning is applied to a growing old skin and for treatment of skin diseases more often.


Ultrasound Facial Cleansing (UFC) procedure has a minimum of restrictions, but it is worth to refuse UFC in the following cases:

  • skin inflammatory processes;
  • wounds, ulcers, abrasions;
  • pregnancy;
  • blood disease;
  • exacerbation of cardiovascular diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • electronic implants.

You can learn more about temporary contraindications to UFC procedure during the consultation with a specialist.


Ultrasonic face cleaning in “Janvi”  

*results are not the same for all clients.

Preparation for ultrasonic cleaning

Before the facial peeling procedure, cleansing and preparation shall be carried out: cleansing tonic corresponding to the skin type is applied onto a cotton swab. Oily skin needs cleansing and dry skin needs moisturizing when removing dead skin cells and cleaning pores.

Prepared skin is covered with a gel that expands the pores, accelerates renewal and facilitates the procedure. The gel helps to soften the epithelium and exfoliate dead skin particles.

Stages of the procedure

Ultrasound cleansing in Lviv is carried out in several stages.

  1. The beautician turns the device on and begins to slow run the contact blade over the face. Ultrasound creates vibrations that push the pore content to the skin surface, and slightly smooth wrinkles. Waste, sebaceous secretions and remains of cosmetic products are removed with a sponge.
  2. After the procedure, the beautician applies a bactericidal soothing mask which narrows pores and prevents their rapid contamination after ultrasound cleansing.
  3. The beautician recommends a facial cream according to the skin type for a long-lasting effect, and improvement of the epithelium condition and appearance.

The procedure takes from 60 to 90 minutes.

UFC features

After ultrasound cleansing, the following changes occur:

  • black dots disappear or become invisible;
  • inflamed pores are cleaned and narrowed;
  • acne-caused inflammation is reduced;
  • epithelium becomes elastic;
  • swollen areas are reduced;
  • gas exchange is improved;
  • the skin gets a healthy colour, becomes smooth and agreeable to the touch.

The effect of the procedure lasts for 1-1.5 months, subject to the use of the facial cream and high-quality facial hygiene, after which the period re-cleansing is necessary. A stable result can be achieved after 4-8 sessions during which the activity of the sebaceous glands and gas exchange in the epithelium will be adjusted.

Completed cleansing program of the upper layers of the epithelium ensures a long-lasting effect: the skin has a pleasant pinkish colour, it becomes soft, elastic and well-groomed, all small irregularities are smoothed, and areas with keratinized tissues disappear.

Ultrasonic peeling is recommended before going on vacation, because its action is not a contraindication for sunbathing or swimming in sea or fresh water. UFC is advised before deep mechanical facial cleansing from comedones, in order to reduce the duration of the procedure, the load on the skin and the recovery period.

Service Price, UAH.
Ultrasound peeling  450
Complex ultrasound cleansing (facial) 500

High-quality ultrasound facial cleansing at a low price in Lviv is now available to everyone. Contact JANVI clinic if you want to do the face clean-up, and give a well-groomed attractive appearance to it.

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