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Laser sckin lightening

Skin pigmentation can occur in two directions — increases (hyperpigmentation) and attenuation (hypopigmentation). Hyperpigmentation arises in case of the strengthened formation of a skin pigment of melanin.

Pigmentary stains create in connection with surpluses of a congestion of melanin on skin integument. Under the influence of many factors sometimes in some sites of a skin there is a repeated increase melanin pigment, as leads to occurrence of pigmentary stains.

Pigmentary stains can be different shades — from light brown to dark brown. The most effective way of removal of pigmentation — laser therapy.

It is necessary to note, what not all pigmentary stains give in to laser therapy. To exclude the pigmentation which is not subject to laser influence, consultation of the doctor is lead.

Action principle:

The laser radiates a light wave of certain length on a skin in which the pigment contains, and at sufficient accumulation of energy in a skin there are irreversible changes. Within 14-16 days after laser influence pigmentation becomes more light, and through some procedures it disappears absolutely, not damaging surrounding skin.

For achievement of optimum result, the doctor selects correct parametres (under individual type of a skin, colour of a pigmentary stain) on the laser equipment which will allow to cope with the given formation most effectively.

Before and after a procedural mode:

Not to sunbathe 2 weeks to and 2 weeks after procedure;

Leaving on street to use a sun-protection cream with the high factor of protection;

Not to visit a sauna and a bath.

Quantity of procedures:

The quantity of sessions depends on depth of pigmentation and from the size of a pigmentary stain. In any case that formation has been completely decoloured, consecutive carrying out of several stages of laser clarification of pigmentary stains is required.

For full clarification of pigmentary stains it is necessary approximately from 3 to 8 procedures with intervals in one month. For achievement of the maximum effect in house conditions it is necessary make use bleaching creams. The session of removal of pigmentary stains with the help of the laser lasts till 20 minutes depending on the size of pigmentary formation.

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