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Rose de Mer Peeling

Natural peeling “Rose de Mer” is a great alternative to chemical peels because it does not burn the skin and does not produce coagulation of protein. In the course of the coral exfoliation removes the upper harsh layers of the epidermis that enables easy solving of problems with acne, pigmentation, premature aging and other beauty problems of this kind.

The main component of coral exfoliation is a coral crumb that works like microdermabrasion that cleans the upper and middle layers of the skin. To do this, use the Peel corals of the Red Sea whereas corals of different stages of development are crushed in the powder so that young corals produce a stimulating effect on the skin and old ones are used as mini needles that penetrate the skin to activate blood circulation and clean it. Coral peeling contains minerals, trace elements, proteins from extracts of herbs, chlorophyll and plant acids, vitamins C, E and others. Dead Sea salt peeling and rare plants from the Amazon Basin that serve as additional components since essential oils and nutrients are extracted from them as additional components. Herbs from Brazil are exposed to deep freezing and very fast drying that repeatedly enables them with bio-stimulating properties. In such a way all the prepared raw materials can be stored for a long time without preservatives.

This structure allows to make deep and caring skin peeling and cleaning, saturating the skin with useful micronutrients. If the base peeling – coral crumb – acts as the peeling of the mixture, the Dead Sea salts, extracts from rare herbs and their essential oils provide a soothing action for early recovery of the skin. In addition, the ingredients that make up the peels have an antiseptic effect that resolves subcutaneous haemorrhage and infiltration; it strengthens capillaries promoting their uniform flow. During the procedure, the epidermis is absorbing micro-elements which are part of the Dead and Red Sea gifts, in addition to this vegetable acids contribute to the energy work of subcutaneous skin structures.

Peeling “Rose de Mer” operates extremely efficiently, provides fast results without injury to the skin and avoids post-peeling problems. The product combines effective skin treatment with its subsequent rapid recovery. Rose de Mer can be regarded the drug that works in different directions for its proper and flexible application onto the skin allows flexibility to approach a lot of cosmetic problems from a different angle in order to solve those efficiently.

Indications for peeling “Rose de Mer”:

  • treatment of active acne of any level of its complexity and of different localization;
  • post-acne prevention or treatment of complications infiltrates, scars etc.
  • reduce extended pores;
  • removal of hyperpigmentation of any aetiology;
  • elimination and prevention of solar skin lesions, keratosis, excessive dryness, loss of elasticity;
  • rejuvenate the face, neck, arms, décolleté.

Application of coral exfoliation helps with premature aging of the skin, appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of turgor, tone. This type of peel can be conducted on sensitive skin and the problematic oily skin.

Contraindications to peel “Rose de Mer”:

  • external damage and violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • acute stage of viral and infectious diseases;
  • reception derivatives of vitamin A;
  • idiosyncrasy components of peeling composition;
  • herpes in the acute stage;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • fever and so on.

“Rose de Mer” – after peeling:

  • the first 24 hours are characterizes by redness and burning sensation;
  • within the next 24-48 hours you would have a feeling of tightness of the skin, the skin gets the color of sunburn;
  • 48-72 hours – the skin formed by the end of 3 days cracks and starts piling down;
  • 72-96 hours is characterized with skin peeling, usually the process ends approximately at the end of the first 4-5 days.

Slight shift in time may actually take place since every type of skin reacts to the procedure in its own way, mostly it depends on the thickness of the epidermis and the degree of fat skin.

“Rose de Mer” – care after peeling:

You should follow some recommendations for skin care after peeling:

  • you can not comb your skin during the peeling;
  • when you experience large-scale peeling, do not take those pieces of skin on your own, use nail scissors to cut the peeling parts of skin;
  • always use moisturizing sunscreen with UV filters and protection of at least 30 UV;
  • it is not recommended to use the sauna, steam bath for at least at 1 week after the procedure, it is recommended to avoid exposure to steam, tolerate exposure of processing zone to high temperatures;
  • you should tolerate ultraviolet light for about 1.5-2 weeks such as in the open sun and in tanning rooms;
  • do not use products containing from alfa hydro-acids and retina-A.

Advantages of coral peeling:

  • suitable for all skin types;
  • combats premature wrinkles and laughter;
  • improves skin structure;
  • refreshing complexion;
  • helps to remove age spots and freckles;
  • it has practically no contraindications and side effects;
  • the procedure has noticeable effect immediately after it is implemented.

The best result is achieved after 4-5 procedures that need to be performed every two weeks. Give your ski fresh and attractive look with the help of “Rose de Mer” peeling in cosmetology center “Zhanvi”!!!

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