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“PREPARE” HAIR! This will require ordinary foods – kefir, honey, egg and even salt

In winter, the hair "gets tired" - it becomes dull, weak, does not shine, breaks, climbs… After all, it is also affected by temperature changes, dry indoor air, the fact that you have to constantly wear hats. Therefore it is necessary to help hair to be this time of year. - This will require ordinary products - kefir, honey, egg, even salt, - advises Zhanna Prykhodko, dermatologist-cosmetologist of the highest category.

The sunny season has begun - people spend weekends at picnics or at summer cottages, exposing their skin to the rays of the sun. And soon - the time of holidays, when it is magical on the beaches. Meanwhile, experts say that it is in the sunny months that the risk of degeneration of moles into melanomas - malignant skin tumors. - But everyone has birthmarks, is everyone under threat? “Moles, or nevi,

Many people are ashamed to undress even on the beach because of acne on the body. Moreover, the skin on the face "protests" against such a combination in summer as dust and sweat, so the unpleasant rash does not disappear. Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatocosmetologist of the highest category of the city cosmetology hospital, told about how to clean the skin from acne. - Why does the condition of the skin often worsen

In the winter season, patients with atopic dermatitis are always more, because to exacerbate this skin problem there are favorable circumstances – cold, dry air, lack of vitamins. Lviv dermatologists and cosmetologists Zhanna Prykhodko and Iryna Shvets will comment on why this problem arises and what to do with it. - At what age does atopic dermatitis most often appear? - Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, which

Contrary to popular belief that only redheads have freckles, these age spots on the face can appear in the spring, even in people with dark hair and dark skin. Dermatologists say that in this way the skin is protected from ultraviolet radiation. As a rule, freckles cover the skin of the face profusely in early spring. - I want to say that freckles are not some kind of skin disease or defect. –

In medical language, the appearance of excess hair on different parts of the body is called "hirsutism". Today it is faced by many women of all ages against the background of negative changes in the body. What can the appearance of unwanted hair on a woman's body indicate and why shouldn't hair be pulled out of moles? We are talking about this with Zhanna Prykhodko, a cosmetologist-dermatologist at the "Zhanvi"

In the cold period of the year, the scabies mite is activated, which can be infected even after a few seconds of shaking hands. - Once my father brought my son, a student, an athlete, to my reception. ‒ says Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatologist and cosmetologist. ‒ He had dark streaks under his eyes, he looked extremely tired. For a month now, the patient has been suffering from itchy skin. The

In Lviv, a service has appeared that will help increase immunity during the coronavirus pandemic. Half an hour instead of four years of hardening. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone must take care of their immunity. The cryosauna in the Janvi cosmetology center will help to increase it. The head physician of the center Zhanna Prikhodko talks about the benefits and effects of cryotherapy sessions. - A bit of "cryo" suggests

Ordinary laundry soap is an excellent remedy. Older people say that laundry soap is better than any of the most expensive shampoos. If you wash your hair with it, it will become thicker, more lush, stronger. And what do doctors say? Laundry soap contains a lot of fatty acids (up to 72 percent – these figures are embossed on a piece of soap) and has a pH with a tendency to an

Exfoliated brittle nails may indicate general exhaustion. If you can hide a bad look, then manicured nails manicure will not save. On the contrary, it will make their condition worse. Why does this happen and how to get rid of this common problem? We are talking about this with Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatologist-cosmetologist of the highest category. - What happens to the nails in the spring, why do they flake off? - They also have

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