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When the skin cracked

Massage problem areas regularly, especially if you are prone to obesity or are on a diet This problem has occurred in many women. After childbirth or sudden weight loss, we notice stretch marks on the abdomen and thighs - such unaesthetic traces as if the skin in these places was cracked… Until recently, stretch marks were not treatable. If they arose, then forever. Now, thanks to aesthetic medicine, there are methods that

In windy weather, you can easily catch the infection. When it is stuffy and windy outside, many people are annoyed by such annoyance as barley on the eye. "Where did it come from, it's never been like this," we wonder. In fact, everyone has suffered from painful swelling in the eye at least once in their life. Yes, it is an infection that under certain circumstances gets into the eye area, –

Scaly herpes is one of the most difficult skin diseases. Until now, doctors cannot say for sure why it occurs. And its treatment is long and difficult – it is a chronic condition, which is periodically accompanied by exacerbations or remission. For example, liver disease, metabolic disorders, autoimmune conditions, allergies and even beriberi (especially vitamin A and E deficiency) can provoke the disease, – says Zhanna Prikhodko, a dermatologist of the highest

An earring on the eyebrow can cause stomach problems, and a diamond in the navel can cause problems with the nervous system. Piercing is in fashion. It is made even by 11-12-year-olds. Meanwhile, every fifth piercing ends in an infection or allergic reaction. Why? We think together  Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatologist-cosmetologist of the highest category, and Ostap Haiduk, a reflexologist. –  Today among teenagers – a real boom of piercings. Especially in summer,

Why do pigment spots appear on the skin with the arrival of spring heat and how to cope with them? For many, age spots appear already at the beginning of May, as soon as the sun really begins to warm up. Some try to remove them on their own, without a doctor's prescription, but this can only worsen the situation. How best to deal with them? “I remember the first visit of

In summer, hair should be rinsed with decoctions of chamomile, nettle, calendula or oak bark. At this time, our hair does not look the best – dry, brittle, dull. It's all from the sun's rays, which dehydrate it and deprive it of elasticity and shine. In summer, you should use special hair protection products, – recommends Zhanna Prykhodko, a cosmetologist of the highest qualification category. - Summer hair care lines are called

Improper hair removal can cause a viral skin disease It turns out that hair removal (a procedure to remove unwanted hair on certain parts of the body) can cause skin diseases. After all, due to microtraumas that occur during epilation, a viral infection easily penetrates the skin. So say French researchers from Nice, who analyzed people's appeals to dermatologists about a viral infection of the skin Molluscum contagium (contagious mollusk). As it

J. Prikhodko: – The fact is that most often it is after visiting resorts, where people sunbathe intensely, moles begin to regenerate. After all, nevi are nothing but benign skin tumors. There are the following calculations: a person who has more than 20 moles has an increased risk of developing melanoma. Although even if a person has only one mole, it can also cause skin cancer. Conversely, even many nevi do

To protect the lips from weathering, just lubricate them..oil. In winter, the delicate skin of the lips suffers greatly – the lips begin to "crack", there are even wounds. Therefore, they must be protected from wind, snow and frost. And in over-dried rooms, you can't please your lips – the skin quickly loses its canopy, which makes it even drier and flaky. What to do? Why are the lips so vulnerable in the

It turns out that the color of a person's eyes can "decipher" his psychological traits and individual characteristics. How to explain it from the point of view of science? This is what Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatologist of the highest category, and Natalia Vlasova, a psychologist, say. – How can eye color be related, for example, to a person's character traits? J. Prikhodko: – The color of the eyes is genetically determined, but genes determine

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