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Fashionable, but risky

Fashionable, but risky

An earring on the eyebrow can cause stomach problems, and a diamond in the navel can cause problems with the nervous system.

Piercing is in fashion. It is made even by 11-12-year-olds. Meanwhile, every fifth piercing ends in an infection or allergic reaction.

Why? We think together  Zhanna Prykhodko, a dermatologist-cosmetologist of the highest category, and Ostap Haiduk, a reflexologist.

–  Today among teenagers – a real boom of piercings. Especially in summer, when there is no control of the school, the queue of people who want to go to beauty salons increases …

J. Prikhodko:
– If a child has already decided to get a piercing, let him do this procedure only in appropriate institutions. After all, not the sterility of instruments and ignorance of the anatomical structure of man, which is often the sin of “salons at home”, can lead to very bad consequences, such as tissue deformation, infection, suppuration.

In addition, the professional salon uses jewelry made of special metal, which minimizes the possibility of allergic reactions.
And the doctor will explain how to care for the area with the piercing, because it takes some time to heal the puncture. So that for at least a month the place should be treated with special antiseptic solutions (with silver, based on chlorhexidine, etc.). If the puncture does not fester, the skin around it becomes red and swollen, consult a doctor.

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