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Acne treatment with a laser

Acne is a very common problem not only among teenagers, but also very widespread among many men and women. Some prefer to deal with this problem locally, that is, getting rid of acne or blemishes while hiding it when applying cosmetics. Modern medicine is ready to help solve this problem effectively and it provides a comprehensive approach towards the treatment of acne.


Laser acne treatment is one of the most effective treatments because it has bactericidal effect that kills the bacteria that cause the disease. The laser reaches and affects the cause of the disease. The method of treatment lays in the following, during the process of working of the inflammatory areas of the skin, the laser beams destroy the bacteria. So what takes place is that lots of inflammation areas are sterilized, cellular immunity is activated and circulation is improved.

Advantages of laser treatment of acne in the cosmetic center “Janvi”:

Laser acne treatment in the cosmetology center “Zhanvi” has its definite advantages such as:

  • removal of vascular manifestations;
  • improving the complexion and removing the stains;
  • the treatment suites for all skin types;
  • it is not associated with allergic reactions.

Laser acne treatment can be combined with other procedures. It easily fits other complex medical and cosmetic solutions of getting rid of acne. In particular, the procedure can be combined with rejuvenation injections, ultrasonic peeling and other procedures in beauty salons.

Why should you apply for the procedure at the cosmetic center “Janvi”?

  1. the procedure is performed by cosmetologists-dermatologists with medical education;
  2. sterilization of equipment and quartz rooms after each patient;
  3. flexible recording schedule and the ability to pay by card.

Prices for laser acne treatment in Lviv

The table below shows the prices for laser acne treatment at the Jeanvy Cosmetology Center in Lviv.

Name of procedures Сost*
Laser acne treatment
Laser facial treatment 220
Laser facial treatment (5 процедур)              1050     “210”
Laser facial treatment (10 процедур)              1980    “198”
Laser treatment of the back 300
Laser treatment + cryomassage 350

* Always check the cost of procedures with our administrator!

Always be young and healthy with the Janvi Center!

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