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Consultation with a dermatologist in cosmetological center “Janvi”

Consultation with a dermatologist in cosmetological center “Janvi” is not just the treatment of skin diseases, our clinic deals with a thorough diagnostics and treatment of problems caused by pathology. The skin can tell a lot about a human and human’s health. The presence of some cosmetic defects of the skin may indicate some serious problems. In order to identify the true cause of the problem or disease, it is often possible only after a thorough diagnostics. In case any disease of the skin, hair and nails are identified, it is necessary to immediately contact the experts.

Consultation with the doctor is required when:

  • acne, sores, spots, increased skin pattern appear on your skin;
  • the skin is hardened or changed its color in some areas;
  • skin is scaly, itchy, becomes more sensitive, produces too much of moisture or conversely to this, it is too dry;
  • there are new moles or other formations on the skin.

If you have any problems with the health of skin, hair and nails the specialists in the cosmetology center “Janvi” in Lviv are always ready to help you. We employ only qualified doctors who carry out diagnostics and treatment of various pathologies using modern equipment.

There are several diseases, in case are not properly medically treated, that may threaten serious complications. That is why dermatologists recommend not to postpone the visit to the specialist and think that the problem would be solved itself.


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