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Led light therapy (chromotherapy)

  • Restores your skin with the red and infrared light.
  • Blue light therapy for oily skin and skin prone to acne.
  • Multimodal System of microdermabrasion and light therapy.

The red colour stimulates blood circulation, increases muscles tone system and improves the digestive tract. It produces positive effect in dealing with depression, respiratory problems, stress, colds, rheumatism.

The blue colour has a soothing effect and slows heart activity, also blood flow returns to normal levels. Balance and harmony are restored under the influence of blue colour. It has a positive effect and helps fight heartbeat rhythm disorders, diseases of the throat and tonsillitis, insomnia, toothache and headaches. Colour therapy (chromotherapy) is a relatively new technique in modern medicine that uses the colour spectrum influence on psycho-emotional and physical state of the patient.

Chrome-therapy has been well proven in the treatment of acne, atopic dermatitis, allergies, joint pain. As an independent therapy, chrome-therapy rejuvenates the skin, eliminates wrinkles, reduces swelling and inflammation, rehabilitates patients after plastic surgery, buffing of skin.

The specialists of our cosmetic center in Lviv make the healing process of chromo-therapy filled with fun and help you fill your life energy reserve.


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